The Galactic Sovereign Military Order of The

 Ereban Empire

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High Imperial State of the Ereban Empire is dictated by Unholy Archon Ŧħę J¤ķęŕ (M¤ŕķ). The election of a new leader is based primarily upon the reception of the current leader to accept a new term from his/her self. Upon the birth of each new child, a multi-function processor is implanted in the child's brain which provides each citizen with 100% of all new information experienced by said child. Health care is available to each citizen by right of birth and all health care officials are paid incentives for keeping citizens healthy.

Crime is non-existent due to the constant vigilance of a well organized policing force which exclusively uses capital punishment against all violators of the law. Ereban Empire has great pride in its powerful military force which does not hesitate to reprimand any violation of the law publicly and with unusually excessive force. Religious tolerance is non-existent as all citizens are restricted to follow the State Religion. All citizens of this country take a mandatory standardized test to evaluate their intelligence, and all those who do not score well enough are deported to other countries.

Greenpeace has just been given control of over all environmental decisions made by the government. The work day has been extended to 24 hours, given that sleep is a commodity which only the wealthy can afford, and citizens of Ereban Empire enjoy any freedom they deem appropriate, given it does not infringe upon the freedoms of any other citizen or offend any other citizen in practice


Capital: Toranta, Planet Vectrus
Climate: Subarctic

Population: 21,241,687,672
Military Size: 
Mandated State Religion: Necrotheism
Language:  Primary: Necrolanese; Secondary: Galatic Basic
Currency: Credits System
Wealth: $1,842,548,161,752,584
Unemployment: 0%

Motto: "Castlh asir poctal derwquin Raujlac."
Nickname: Plains of the Nether Dark
Color(s): Black, Maroon, Silver
Flower: Nether Rose
Tree: Grand Icemourne
Animal: Deskris
Bird: Ereban Spairo

Political Freedom
Economic Freedom
Social Freedom
Religious Freedom
Crime Control
Military Strength
Employment Index
Citizen Wealth
Government Wealth
Population Growth
Military Size
Total Wealth
Number of Allies

The Renowned Photo of one Lt. Casvak, now Supreme Warlord Cosvak, running along the once Prominent Deserts of Vectrus before it's Icing Over. 

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