The Augmented Reaction Suit Mark III, or ARS-III is the newest Development in Ereban Military Armors, Developed by Vanquish Technologies, more specifically Dr. Makred Valis, the newest company to front itself in Ereban, and in part with EMAC, this suit provides soldiers of the future with Hyper-Lethal Vector status just be dawning the armor. The suit itself has several standard layers that provide the wearer, specifically VALDEN I and II's, and for Specialized HAS-MECH Units with a ten-fold increase in Internal (Cognitive, Mental Processing, Adrenal etc) and External (Physical movement) responses to no-to-high stress situations. 

The suit provides this increase in Over all Performance Enhancement of the Body by several things. One of which is the Neurological Uplink components from the wearer's own body to the suit, providing a deeper interface control by the user, and provides the suit with the over all ability to work with the users body to lessen reaction times, even with the bulk of the suit.

The second item is the Synthetic Bio-Muscular Suit, which is a suit made up of Enhanced Bio-Fibers [Muscle Tissue] Weaved with Titanium Nanites to create a Synthetic Android-like Bio-Mass of muscle tissue that coordinates with the movements of the user more fluidly, using less energy to move the suit. The suit works with the Neurological Uplink system to provide the muscle suit with the same response commands as the brain gives to the intended moving body part, thus making it like a second layer of muscle added the body. As well, the increase of muscle mass improves strength, speed, endurance, and over all performance of the wearer. This suit also provides another factor of cooling the body. The moisture of sweat provides the Bio-Suit with a source of hydration to keep the muscles from having natural cramps. The result is a quick and easy disposition of sweat, which cools the body, transferring the liquid to the Suit. The suit then further uses the moister left over, and removes the sodium from the liquid, then stores the now pure water in a reserve, which will re-hydrate the body after the neurological systems detect a decrease in hydration in the wearer's body. The sodium is preserved in the suit to use its chemical properties to produce energy if the suit requires a backup power.  

Other systems in the armor include Suspension-Type Systems that are in between the Mid and Upper Layers. This separates the layers, and provides a space between the armor and actual wearer where a projectile may be slowed or stopped without having the trauma being transfered to the wearer. Where the Bio-Gel system use to lay, the LPN, or Liquid Permeate Nano, Shield replaces it now, forming itself as the layer that separates the armor and wearer. This shield system provides the very same properties and advantages as Bio-Gel, without any disadvantages, such as becoming super heated and burning the wearer. The LPN Shield absorbs the impact of any weaponry used against the wearer and makes sure the wearer is safe inside the remaining layers. As well, the LNP Shield Layer contains Bio-Nites which provide medical attention to broken bones, lacerations, or basically any other event that would need medical attention. The Bio-Nites as Synthetic Cells that work with the suit's Medical Suite that keeps the wearer in check with all necessary check ups, such as EKG, Blood Pressure, etc. The Bio-Nites work with the system to provide medical attention when the Medical Systems detect an injury in the body. The local Bio-nites quickly respond to the problem. For Lacerations, they form into cells of Ti-Bonded Skin and Tissue to provide a fixture of replacement synthetic skin, and muscle that may have been lost, and seals the would off. For broken bones, the suit does no exact thing, since the suit is automatically formed to the Wearer's body, it keeps constant support for bone structures, even when broken. A broken bone will be treated by an increase in pressure from the LPN Shield, and provide a support base so the bone may regrow properly without medical attention. 

Another system is the Mass Effect Propulsion Drive located in the back of the suit. This is the first time a MEF Drive has ever been placed in an Armor Suit for Ground Based units, much less, the first time someone has placed any drive on an Armor System. This Drives allows safer Orbital Drop Insertions, and then, even, self-extractions. This means, a trooper wearing this could drop in from orbit, do their mission, and leave the planet without the use of any vehicle or anything but the suit. As well, this suit is capable for Prolonged-Orbital Insertions. THIS means that the wearer is capable of leaving a ship into space that is considered a deep space zone, activate the MEF Drive, and enter a MEF field and go into flight at up to speeds of 245,000Km/s (Just above 80% Light Speed). The Air Reserves can last up to 90 Minutes, meaning the suit wearer could be dropped off at a distance of 1,000,000,000 KM from the intended destination, and still have enough air to leave the planet again for Orbital Extraction. 
Another use of the MEF Drive is Hyper-Movement. Hyper-movement is the pioneering use of Propulsion systems to make over all speed much faster, and increasing agility substantially. The MEF Field that is produced decreases the overall mass (thus weight), which allows for less inhibition from the weight draw backs. The MEF Drive then allows the suit, now lighter then before, to move at even fast rates with the propulsion systems. Times when the propulsion system is useful is when sliding, running for cover, doing Close-Quarters Combat, or any other method the wearer would see fit to use the Systems. As well, the systems provide enhanced and superior manueverability in a Zero Gravity Environment. 

Standard Overview:

Weight: 400lbs Standard G's [MEF Systems Active: 60lbs]
Height: Minimum of 5'4"-Max of 7'3"
Power Source: Neurological Electrical Currents; Friction Plate Systems; Sodium-Water Chemical Backup
Price Per Unit: 280,000,000 Credits
Intelligence Programming: Standard Combat VI Systems, Can be Upgraded to a Full AI Intel Package
System HUD: [Holo-Projection Screen] Displays Gun Info
FFI Systems [Outlines Organic and Synthetic Bodies with a colored Line (Blue: Ereban; Green: Friendly/Ally; White: Neutral/Civi; Yellow: Unknown; Red: Hostile/Enemy)]
Night vision
Thermal Vision
Motion [Vibrio] Vision
Electro Magnetic Field Vision 
Motion Sensory Radars
Radiation Sensors,
Suit Schematics
Wearer Statistics
Team Statistics,
Mission Objective Box
COM Channel Info
Video Feed Communications Box
Current Version: ARS Mark III
Vanquish Technologies, Inc, In Co-Op with EMAC

Other Features: 
Climate Controlled Inner Suit Atmosphere (56oF, 5% Humidity [Adjustable])
System Check Up Scan (.02 Seconds Refresher)
Full TeraNet HUB Suite at 500tbps
Localized COM Back-Up on 200.1-300.1 Giga-Hertz Binary8 Encrypted Military Frequency Channels
2050I H-HUD Resolution
Independent IP Systems Change and refresh every 5 minutes
Module Armor Components; Upgradeable, removable, etc
Carbon-Dioxide Reserves [90 Minutes]
MEF Drive and Propulsion Systems

Suit Layers:

Shield Systems: Liquid Permeate Nano Shield and Standard MEF Kinetic Barrier Package

Top Layer: Armor Plate Neutronium-Titanium [Grades 38 and 7] Nano-Bind by Plasma-Weave-Monocooling Process
^ Under lining between Top and Mid Layer: Gold Plated Lead lining
^^LPN Shield Located in Suspension here, Separates Top and Mid Layer
^^^ MEF Drive and Propulsion Systems Located Under the LPN Shield, Besides the External Exhaust and Propulsion
Mid Layer: ILNW [Titanium Carbide-Kevlar Weave] Bio-Form Suit [Water/Air Tight]
^ Atmospheric and Air Reserve Systems Located On This Layer
^^ Friction Plates located here
Lowest Layer: Synthetic Bio-Muscular Suit

Above is the final Design Permutation of the ARS System. The colors, Obviously, can be changed to any Camouflage pattern the wearer sees fit to use. The suit features, as well, 100% Body Coverage, a Bio-Sealed Environment, Internal Storage Ability, 101% Mobile-Flex Ability for increased agility and mobile activeness, Neurol-Spinal Support, Tail Fin (Used to provide angle support during flight), and Deskris-Style Boot Tread for Universal Conditions. Compacitors can be seen on the Thighs, providing any overload a source of damping so the suit does not suffer a power surge or lock up due to an overloaded or expended shield. 

 ARS System in Field Testing at Vanquish's Remote Facility on Blonchenta.

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