Briefing and Military Doctrine:
The Ereban Empire centers itself around its great military. It uses surgical precision, Speed, Stealth, and great tactical force to gain an advantage over any enemy. They work in smaller numbers, and move more agile then normal military. As well, we only do short operations, and change battle plans often to suit the needs of our operations, and confuse the enemy. 
The empire has over the past 50 years made itself top 5 most dominant military powers, with Demaga, Alterran, Kutath, and Anubis. The Military Consists of highly trained individuals who would sacrifice themselves to turn the tide of the war. Each of them undergoes a year of military training until they set their boots on a battlefield.
There are 2 Branches to the Ereban Military. The Imperial Marines and The Imperial Navy. Each branch has 3 Sub Branches. For the Imperial navy: The Imperial Air Force, The Imperial Space Navy, and the Imperial Sea Navy, and for the Imperial Marines: the Marine Corps, Armor Corps, and the Air Corps.
In charge of the entire military is Supreme Warlord Skylair Cosvack. Second in Command of the Military is Warlord Pawns. Each of these men has had extreme experienced on the battle field, and showed advanced skills of their own, far beyond what others could produce.

Chain of Command

Ereban Military:

Ereban Central Military Command
Commander Of All Ereban Military Forces: Supreme Warlord Skylair Cosvack
EBI Administrator: Executive Williams
Co-Commander of Ereban Forces: Warlord Pawns
Commander of Ereban Military Command: Commander General Vigil
Commander of Ereban Defense Command: Commander General Evon

Ereban Military Command

Imperial Marines: Incharge of any and all Ground Operations. Main source of Troops, Tanks, Helicopters, ect. The Imperial Marines has 3 Branches. It is Lead by High General Palsier.

Marine Corps: The Main Ground Force incharge of Troops, and Troop Deployments across the combat Grid. Its lead by General Nariks.
Armor Corps: The Main Source of Military Armor, such as tanks, vehicle transits, and other Ground Essincials. Its  lead by General Hatin.
Air Corps: The Main Source of Helicopters, and the only Air-Based Branch in the Imperial Marines, the Air Corps is incharge of Air-Ground based tatics, with use of mostly helicopters, with the exceptioon of a few attack squadrens. Its lead by General Palin.

Imperial Navy: The Larger Branch, the Imperial Navy has 3 Sub Branches, Incharge of each key points of Combat. It is lead by Lord Grievons
The Imperial Star Navy: Incharge of all space conducted missions, flights, transports, and battles. Also given the task of transporting all ground forces, sea navy forces, and Air forces to the planet. Its lead by High Admiral Cravask.
The Imperial Air Force: Incharge of all Air Operations, including bombing, escorting, dog fighting, and protecting. As well they are incharge of transporting Troops from the Space Fleet to the ground. Its lead by General Flimins.
The Imperial Sea Navy: Incharge of all water based missions, and transportation of troops from place to place without using Air, or Space traveling methods. Its lead by High Admiral Viers.


Ereban Defense Command: EDC is the branch of ECMC that operates and controls all Defensive Forces within Ereban Space. It is comprised of the most Elite Counter-Assault Forces and weapons, backed with the outstanding Technology that EMAC provides, to create a near impenatrable Barrier of Defenses that surrounds the Ereban Nebula.

Imperial Elite: The Imperial Elite is the only Branch in the Empire's Defense Military. The Imperial Elite are in some cases our 1st and last Line of Defense against an enemy. They are perfect killers, and war units. They are without a doubt, the best of the best, and the geatest units we have in our military.
Imperial Keeper Corps: The Keeper Corps is the Imperial Police Task Force in Ereban Designed to keep inernal problems to a low level, such as Crime, or Terrorism. Keepers are Trained Marine forces that are placed in a Military Police section, and then later trained to be Keepers. Keepers can also be considered our SWAT, Imperial Guard, and among other things that make them for good use when Ereban is attacked.

Technology, Armor, Weaponry, and Systems
Today, the Ereban Military gets its latest technology from EMAC mostly, and from other sources, such as Marik Star Fleet, Inc. As with that, the empire's pride technological advancement is TechV, the latest show of armor systems. Another advancement is the TeraNet, which isn't a military based project, but it's still important to the development and responses to the Empire's operations. Another tech advancement is "Project MAG", or Mass Accelerating Gun. Basically, this is a hand held MAC Gun. It has enough fire power to run threw dozens of rounds threw even the latest and most advanced Armor Systems. Though, only the VALDEN II's, the latest super soldier program in the Empire, much similar to the SPARTAN Program, can fire them, being that recoil is a major issue that  EMAC is working on.

Military Icons

Today, icons in the Ereban Empire are very few, but for those who still walk, they are a major moral boost to troops. One of these Icons is known as Travis-057, AKA Commander Travis Micheal Orien. Others would include Warlord Cosvack, Commander Teris, and a few other war heros that few know about. The following is a List of them all:

Commander VALDEN-057 Travis Micheal Orien
Commander James Haven Rollins
Commander Luarence Pain Teris
Warlord Skylair Cosvack
Commander George Cameron Hampson
Commander Vincent Beckin Welms
Major VALDEN-121 Quinton Dalis Cambole

Basic Ereban Troop Organization: 

Battalion: The Base of all Ereban Military Units, the Battalion is the basic infantry Name that contains the most amount of troops. The Battalion is lead by A Commander Grade 4, AKA Strike Commander.
Company: There are 4 Companies in a Regiment. Each one has it's own job, and own set of protocals and orders. A Company is a smaller, but still large base of infantry units. Each company is lead by A Major Grade 1, AKA Field Major-A Commander Grade 3.
Platoon: A Platoon is a Cut off of a Company, splitting it in 2 sections. An Offensive Force, and a Defensive Force. Its a Failsafe system that will allow troops to maximize effectiveness, with minimal casualties. There are 2 Platoons Per Company. Each Platoon is lead by a Captain Grade 1 - A Captian Grade 4, AKA Staff Captain.
Team: A Team, Fireteam, or Squad is a small basist of Infantry units designed with their own job, and able to preform missions, low radar. A Team, also called Fire Team, are the smallest unit in the military, and do good use to war in small tatical assesment. There are 4 Teams in a Platoon, and around 2-12 Units per Team. Each Team is Lead by a Leutenant Grade 1- a Leutenant Grade 4, AKA 1st Leutenant

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