Mass Effect Technology is the basis for nearly every Technological feat in the Empire. From Rapid Multiversal Transit to  Advanced Weaponry, Mass Effect Technology has brought the Empire to the forefront to All Technological Standards. 

The technology was discovered in 2390EC, slowly working its way into the Empire's resources. However, for the next ten years, the Empire would only make small steps in the advancement and control of the Element that started the Technology: Element Zero, also know as Neutronium, and nicknamed Eezo by some. Neutronium is an element with 0 electrons and 0 protons, making it made up of only neutrons. The element is the product of Neutron stars going Super Nova. When subjected to an electrical current, releases dark energy which can be manipulated into a mass effect field, raising or lowering the mass of all objects within that field. A positive current increases mass, a negative current decreases it. This 'mass effect' is used in countless ways, from generating artificial gravity to manufacturing high-strength construction materials. It is most prominently used to enable faster-than-light space travel.

Eezo is generated when solid matter, such as a planet, is affected by the energy of a neutron star going supernova. The material is common in the asteroid debris that orbits neutron stars and pulsars. These are dangerous places to mine, requiring extensive use of robotics, telepresence, and shielding to survive the intense radiation from the dead star. When Eezo is harvested, however, it has to be refined, and stored in a neutral zone. Unmaintained Eezo can become very unstable when it is not sealed in a vacuum tight anti-static storage area. Such effects are Unstable Mass Effect Field Projections, which if the current the eezo was subject to was negative, can cause very bizarre effects. However, the more dangerous is the more occurring Positive Charge exposure. The positive charge can cause mass to increase, thus causing the exposed area to collapse on itself for exposure and not being able to take the stress of the mass increase. Internal hemorrhaging can also occur under the stress of more mass, bones can break, suffocation as lungs collapse, etc. 

Ereban had discovered eezo First in 2389EC when the Neutron Star, Centurion-26, when Supernova in what is now the Ereban Nebula. The entire Centurion System was vanquished, however, the 7th Planet from the Star, was salvaged at the listening post stationed on the planet. When salvaged, they discovered the presence of Eezo engraving itself in the Titanium Carbide hull of a ship on the surface. Later excavation of the 6th planet from the star, the closest planet to survive the blast, brought large amounts of eezo to the Empire. 

By 2390EC, the Empire had full mining facilities on 16 planets inside and out of the Nebula that have undergone the Supernova of Neutron stars, brining in 200 Tons of Eezo A day. A single ton is worth about 2 Billion Credits. Scientists, mostly ECMC and EMAC Joint Researchers, attempted to understand the properties on how the Material came to be. Over the course of 10 years, over 10,000 Lives were lost in the research of Element Zero. However, in 2400EC, Scientists finally came about the mastering and taming of Element Zero. 

On 2401EC, the First Ever Ereban Mass Relay System was built, and tested. Utilizing 100 Tons of Element Zero per relay (two Relays at the time), the gate successfully sent the ship from one end of the system to the other. In 2403EC, the Ereban Nebula Relay Network was completed, able to transport Ships in just a matter of seconds from one end of the nebula to the other. 

In 2402EC, EMAC, Ereban's top Arms and Weaponry producer, conducted its first successful test with the Mauler and Titan MAC Weapon Systems. The Mauler MAC System is a standard MA-Canon that udnergoes A Increase in Mass as it passes threw a Mass Effect Field on the edge of the Barrel. The Field gives off positive charges to the Neutronium Core inside of the Round, and propels to Mass Levels of up to 10X the Original, depending on the presetting. Meanwhile, the outer core passes threw a second Mass Effect Field providing a negative charge. The Thiner Layer of Neutronium just beneath the copper jacket decreases in initial mass of the outer jacket of the round, keeping the balance of physics the same, and propelling the round as it should, reaching speeds of up to .9 SoL. Heavy buffers in between the Jacket and the Core provide that the core remains untouched by the weaker negative charge so the mass isn't decreased. 
The Titan MA-Canon is a Standard, Ereban Made KiloMAC System also amplified by Mass Effect Technologies. Firing its bigger round, the System works the exact same as the Mauler System does, though both positive and negative charges are made more powerful so the round can received able dosage to make it effective. 

In 2404EC, EMAC Began producing its signature MAG, or Mass Accelerated Gun, Series Line. The MAG System worked off the basic principles of the Mauler and Titan MAC Systems, however, degraded so it could work in the hands of an able soldier. Though, the systems were only suited to be used by specialized VALDEN Infantry because of the weight and recoil of the gun, they were still VERY Effective, propelling MAG Rounds at high speeds, enabling them to penetrate heavy infantry armor even. Eventually, the MAG systems would be applied to Heavy Armor and Vehicles, ranging all the way up to 100mm Rounds before the system would become a MAC.

By 2406, Eezo Cores had been installed on all Ereban Ships, Government, Military, and Private. As well, ships that traveled outside of the nebula needed a way to transit without the use of relays. Scientists provided Eezo Cores to be equipped with Positive Charge Generation Systems as well, that would return the ship to normal mass. Though 40% less effective than the use of Mass Relays, the Standard Element Zero Core operating Independently can provide FTL speeds at about 20% the time it would take using standard propulsion systems by setting the mass of the ships to a simple 30% the original mass, as where Mass Relays would set the original mass to about 5%. 

In 2410EC, ECMC requisitioned EMAC to begin producing a new weapon system devised on taking out heavily armored spacecraft without the use of projectiles. One that could defeat them in a single shot. After much contimplation, EMAC routed to it's old data files and brought forth a prototype weapon called the Mass Effect Projector, or MEP Canon. The MEP Canon was a weapon created after extensive testing, using particle acceleration Technology, the Canon would file Neutronium at the hulls of star craft at extreme speeds, followed by a positive or negative charge that would emit milliseconds after the initial contact of Neutronium on the ship's hull. The charge would come into contact with the Eezo Covered hull and emit a mass effect field, one that would be controlled by a remote station near the ship. The ship, from then on, could either have massive decreases or increases in mass. In other words, a decrease in mass could cause the ship to lose control, be more susceptible to Weapons Fire, and possible fly into oblivion at extremely low levels. An increase in mass could mean the ship caving in on it's own gravitational weight, or losing it's ability to stay in orbit of a near by planet, moon, or star. It could also fall prey to the magnetic fields of certain planets with the charge it was presented with. However, only a mass of 10% could be achieved with the negative charge. Scientists began studying on how to bypass the 10% and hit a smaller number, even though ECMC was pleased enough that after the test the gun was placed on the newly forged Harbinger Class Dreadnought Ship. 

However, in 2413EC, Scientists conducted tests on creating a 0 Mass Field, attempting to colonize Multiversal Transit Systems. The theory produced was that if an electrical current of negative energy could be produced at a massive scale, Mass of Flat 0 Could be achieved on an object, and the object would immerse itself in a Mass Effect Universe of its own, causing it to be completely inert the universe around it. In other words, the object in a 0 Mass Field could pass in and out of universal bounds without restrictions because a mass of 0 would mean it would have 0 reactive energy. As well, the idea would later colonize for 'True Stealth Systems' used by reconnaissance vehicles, due to the fact that objects achieving the mass of 0 would become inert to light as well, and light would simply pass threw it. 

In 2420EC The first Multiversal Transit Fleet was devised to colonize a new universe. This fleet would partially be successful, and arrive in what is known as the Facebook Universe. Only Four ships would survive the transit out of the original 15. Scientist soon mastered the technology, and now Multiversal Transit is a daily activity. 

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