The GECO [Galatic Ereban Colonization Order] is in charge of finding and colinizing new planets. They find about 100-1,000 new planets a year, and about 23% of those planets are habitable. They have been working none stop to uncover the deepest and darkest places in the galixcy, and are soon to start working Universaly. We will start with Vactrus.

 Our homeworld of Vactrus. Since the Ice Aging, not much can be seen on the surface, and it is a cold place to be. We believe that the Ice Age will end in about 300 years from now, and all will be restored once again.

 Vactrus began to be our home planet for 100's of years now. This planet is very similar to Earth, inculding it's atmosphere, 3 phases of water, but only 1 season, winter. This planet is very different from Earth as well. It's lifeforms differ from earth and would be called "Wierd Alien Creatures" on earth. Here we call them animals. The most beautiful creature is call a 'Ganuram'. Its like a lion and a eagle mixed together, but it looks nothing like a griffon. Its more suculent and peaceful. Our national flower is the 'Ereban Glowing Rose'. This rose is rarely seen at day or at night, unless on a full moon. On a full moon night they open up their blooms and glow a bright yellow. If you cross a field of them it looks like your a giant standing in a megatropolis. Our capital of Toranta is a very peaceful city bussling with economy, trade, money, and always full of people going somewhere. Nicknamed "The city that lives on lights" it is always full of light itself. We would say Vactrus is our home, but really, New Erebans live in almost every Galatic System there is, do to the "Galatic Ereban Coloinization Order". This order was established to expand out to search all of our galixcy to reduce over population of planets. Right now we have marked well over 200,000 planets, and of those about 140,000 were deemed habitable.
 Our Colony on the planet Layent. A famous artist in our nation painted this picture and it is now displayed in our intergalatic museum of art. Unfortunatly, since that Attack by the Drakan Armada, the Coloney has been ravaged, and there is question as to weither it will be rebuilt or not.
Our Military spaceport  located on earth. The one on Vactrus looks almost the same as well as the other planets.

 Our soon to be Military spacestation. The size of a small moon, it is still in question wiether this should be our Main Command Center or not.

 You may only see purple, but this is the Raeglien System. As you can see, there are 7 Planets in the whole Cluster, and a large star in the center. vectrus is the bright ball located 3rd Farthest from the star. The System is very beautiful and glows an indago and then turns to a violet purple as you toward the center of it..

Currently the largest planet known to the Ereban Galatic Colinization Order , Talas is about 15 Jupiters in size. The planet is completly haitable, and has a atmosphere simular to Earth's. The atmosphere lets in more rays then Earth's does, so the planet is more like a desert, but it is still habitable. Its moon shown above with Talas, is as well habitable, and is ruffly the size of 1,200 Earth's. Unlike it's giant neighbor, Caden has a very dense atmosphere, and has an average tempature of -20 degrees celcius. It has frozen ice caps, but like its neighbor, it is still habitable. And last but not least in the very back you can see Talas' 2nd moon, which is called Therona. Unlike the other 2, this Moon ruffly the size of 1,000 Earth's, is completly uninhabitalbe, with no atmosphere, and it's sun constantly bombarding it with Radiation and Solar Flares. The moon as no water, and is pretty much dried up and covered in craters.

Its not very highlited, but in the top right corner is the Quantum Way area. Once inhabited by the Old Ereban Empire, the Ereban Empire had added onto the territories so now most of the Ereban EMpire inhabits the Quantum Way of the Milky Way Galixcy. A "Way" means a small sector of a galixcy. The planet earth inhabits the Terien Way. Ways are seperated by vast distances of deep space, or space with no stars or astriod fields.

If you expand out of the Ereban Cluster, you will see The Vectarien Cluster. As you can see here, there are many stars in the Cluster, but Vactrus is located just below the brightest part of the Cluster, which is the center of it. There are 212 Systems in the Vectarien Cluster. Only 47 planets are habitable though including Vectrus. These planets include Danturan, Cable, Orion, Paltus, Rexel, Quillthon, Wolken, Vectrus and several others.

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