Today, the Ereban Government is a mix of different types of governments. For one, it is a Sovereign Military Order, from where it gets most power and respect from it's military. For another, it is a Multi-Tribalism, because it centers itself off of the Tribes of the Empire, and they all act as a large Senate, giving order to the Galactic Community of the empire. For another, it is a Military Dictatorship, once again, because it runs off of its military, and Vildimire being high emperor and overruling everyone if he wishes. And finally it is an Imperium because of it's basic believes and laws.

The Tribal Council

The Tribal Council is basically the senate of the Empire. It brings together the tribes of the empire (Around 220) and lets them argue and bicker over land, power, etc, and as well, make sure order still exists Beyond the doors of the Council's Citadel. Each tribe is lead by 2 people, the Tribal Head, and the Tribal Consult. Each of them have their own power over the single tribe, and each their own say in what happens threw out of the empire as a whole.

The Dark Emperors Overrule

Once every now and again, Vildimire, the Emperor of the Ereban Empire, and Unholy Archon, will overrule the Council's decisions for the greater happening of his own. Since he is the emperor, what he says goes, however, most of the time he agree's with the Council and goes along with their rulings.

The Military Input

Since the military is the biggest part of the empire, they get to have a say in the political events as well. Its called the "Militarily Tribal Act." Which is basically the foundation of Ereban Military Society. It allows the Military to give a greater influence on Vildimire, and have a greater impact on the empire as a whole


The Imperial Council

Encase of an impending decision that is completely undecidable by the Tribal Council, and Vildimire not wanting to put in input, the Imperial Council will step in, and vote on the issue. It acts as a safety net to the Tribal Council, incase of conflict, or second guesses. In extreme cases, the Imperial Council can override the Tribal Council if need be, by a 90%+ Vote. If the vote is less then 90%, then the Tribal Council can proceed with their intended Actions.


The Dark Ereban Elder's Council

The Dark Ereban Elder's Council is the advisory council to Vildimire himself. They are Full Blooded Necros that are strong in the Nether Dark. They can be as old as 400, and even 500 years old, which is an extreme for a Necro. They are the wisest, and most respect people of their kind, and hold the most honored Title among our people.

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