Warlord Scylar Cosvack. At the age of 85, Supreme General to the New Ereban Empire's Military, he is the youngest in Ereban history. He was promoted from the GRRG's of the Old Raeglien Empire, as a Captain to the Vice General of the Raeglien Military. After 4 years, the formal Supreme General, Morhgen Fairs, retired, and handed down the position to Cosvack. He reports directly to Dark Archon Vildimire. He has served many conflicts, and has been at the head of most of them. He had served in the Comieren Conflict, 3rd Raeglien Civil War, the New Ereban Take Over, the the Drakan Scourage Conflict, the 1st Nation World War, and the largest New Ereban Assualt in history, the Glarien-Trentium Wars. He was head of the "Joint Attack on the Leage of 100 Nations", or the "JALON Assualt". 

Fleet Lord, previously Fleet Admiral, Taris Dalkin. He is the Leader of the Ereban Flotilla, and has been known as a "Passive-Aggressive" Admiral when at the head of an Ereban Fleet. Vice'Mal, the most respect Fleet Admiral in Ereban History, suggested this after the Ereban-Demaga War, when Dalkin lead an Ereban Capital Class Ship into the Demagan Ship, The Spirit of Ruin. Ever since then, Dalkin has been a renowned Admiral 'with a Death wish.' After that, Dalkin moved that he be at the head of the seize fire Negotiations at the end of the War. Thats when Vice'Mal suggested that he was "Passive-Aggressive."
Later in his Career, Admiral Dalkin became Fleet Admiral Dalkin in Operations: New Horizons when an Ereban-GECO Fleet set off for the Universe Tagged as FB-01. Fleet Admiral Dalkin was apart of one of two ships that survived the Transit, and then began setting up relations in that Universe. Later, while colonizing in the FB-01 Universe, they dubbed him as Fleet Lord of the Ereban Flotilla, the current section of Governing body of Necrotheliens in the Universe, and a State of the Ereban Empire itself. 

Executive Lora WIlliams. She is head of EBI, and has provided the EMC and EDC with information vital to the security and safety of the Ereban Empire.

Dark Ereban Elder Sylier Palquien. The Head Dark Elder to the Dark Council, which is the right hand of Unholy Archon Vildimire. He has threwout 5 centuries now, lived a life of honor and service, providing Vildimire with info to help his choices. He is, besides Vildimire, the oldest being in Ereban Space. He is a very respected Ereban, serving in many wars as a Marine, before finally retiring himself to a life of peace, and finally transformed into the Nether Dark as a Dark Ereban Elder, the most respected status within the Neco Society.

Councilor Viencent Delpred. Head of the Ereban Imperial Council, Viencent is a very wise and respected man in the Empire. He has helped make it rise up among the greatest of empires. He has helped Dark Emperor Vildimire for some time now as head advisor next to the Dark Ereban Elders and Tribal Council, and was also head of the Raeglien Imperium Council as well under the rule of Emperor Caedus. He has served the Empire now and had even helped bring it up, and will continue to do so till the last of his days.

Meris Tanalis. Director, and Founder of the Ereban Military Arms Corperation, or EMAC. He has been at the head of every development in Military Tech within the Empire, and supplies a great deal of Weapondry to it as well. He currently lives on a Privately owned planet of the Vardric Cluster, There, he manages all of the EMAC's works and happenings. In the future, he hopes he and EMAC will dominate the battle field with their trademark weapons, and hopes to become the largest and most powerful arms and Military grade Equipment Dealer in the universe, along side with JAM, Inc.

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