Necrotheliens are the product of the God of the Nether Dark, Necrotalis, or Ruajlac to few. He made them the spitting image of his mortal self, giving them atributes that will help them survive and strive in the galatic community. The 1st siting of Necro Existance was in 9082B.E. (Before Ereban), on the Planet Plasik. It was a medium sized planet, mostly made up of a Artic, and Subartic Climate, with the exception of a Temperate Forest Climate around the planet's equator. Threw the Centuries Necro's developed, and Evolutionized becoming Stronger, Faster, and smarter as they grew into new technologies. the Necro's at the time would live to be no more then 110 Years old, but as time came by, and new medicines came about, they increased their health to live by today's standards which is up to 350 Years old.

Genetic and Physical Makeup:
Necros are in terms "Hyper Humans." They have large messures of speed, agility, strength, and endurance. They have 30-50% more Mucseal Density then humans, giving them an advantage at storing twice the amounts of Mucseal then a human. Their Diaphrams are exactly 2.3x Larger then a Humans, giving them much larger lung capacity, and a larger heart. Necro blood is blue, showing that instead of needing oxygen, they need Carbon Dioxcide to live in an environment, which basicly means that they can inhabit most planets other species can. Most Physical Features include Light Blue Eyes that in some cases glow, Large Built, and and most of times, toned Muscles, White Hair, by standards, "Normal" teeth, and White Skin, Not That Tanned. Genetic Makeup is a complex system of Multible, and Different Genetic Codes. Each one is made for different types of situations, climates, and other factors. Each Necro has this genetic makeup system. The Genetic system basically adapts to the givenin environment, and changes the DNA Stand to make the body adapt more to the given situation. Each strand is unique, bringing forth capibilities that will help them survive better in like I stated before, Different Situations and Climates. Say a Necro Enters a Hot and Humid environment, Generaly hostile. The Brain will send signals threw the body, telling it to change the genetic code according to what the body senses, which in this case, is the Genetic Strand that will help the necro's body cope with the hot Humid Climates, without too much of a problem. The body will reserve more water within the body, and stimulate nerves to make sure the necro can last longer in the intense heat. By stimulating them, they respond less to heat, allowing the body to go on without giving the Necro to much of a feeling of over heating. To deal with Heat Stroke and other Heat Related Illnesses, the body will immedeantly distribute heat to inactive parts of the body, allowing the body to stay cooler longer. Like Humans and various other species, necros do sweat, allowing the body to stay cooler. The Genetic Structures will also misplace Muscles and energy to active parts of the body, giving them an extra boost in energy, and allowing them to progess forward. The Bone Structure of a Necro is a Human-Based Skelitle Structure. However, bones of a Necro are generaly 2.3x Thicker then a Human's, and are coated in a Bio Layer, that strengthens them. This "Bio Layer" is not found in many other species. Necro's Generaly hold 8 Pints of Blood threwout their body. In their blood, they have White, and Blue Blood Cells. White Blood cells are the basic virus fighters, and 2nd line of defence against biological Agents in the body. Blue Blood Cells are basicly Red blood Cells, but since Necro's inhale Carbon, rather then Oxygen, they are Blue. The Skin of a Necro is thick, like that of an Bear. It can not easely be broken under normal circumstances. A Vampire would have a rather hard time penetrating the skin itself, though still, unfortunatly a bullet can go threw the skin. The General Necro Weighs 250lbs, and stands 6'8ft Tall, though some can grow to 340lbs, and stand 7'7ft. For the Reason of their hyper Agility, and speed, the Necro's have an advanced Nurological system within their bodies. Far greater then any other race known, Necros Nuerologial lines alone could span Earth 3 times, if streched out. And with that, their bodies produce 1.3-1.7 Watts Per Minute, allowing their bodies to move swiftly, and fast. The eletrical pulses run at 2.5 Light Speed, faster then any other race, and get to the designated point of the body instantly, allowing them to have quick, fast, and agile reflexes. And along with this, they have surgical precision. Though, their speed is their only advantage. Strength among Necro's is not a strong point, though the average Necro can lift 280lbs without any Physical conditioning. They can't match a Demonpyre's Brute Force. They do put up a fight, but if a Demonprye was to land a good punch, they could knock down a Necro. Another downfall is this advanced Neuro System makes Necro's rather twitchy. They seem to do things quickly, and talk fast. This comes from the brains ability to transfer signels around the body, allowing them to think and react in just miliseconds. In some cases though, a Necro's body will not grow properly in it's early life, and the Nuero System will develop improperly, making the Necro have advanced cases of brain damage, and Improper Nuero functions, which is where the brain sends the message to a wrong part of the body, making the Necro itself become more twitchy, and in some serious cases, have seizures. However, this is found only in a select few within the Empire. It is called "Hyper-Nuero Disfunction Syndrom." All in all, Necro's are a beautiful, yet brutal race. They fear nothing, and fight for everything.

Normal Life:
Today's Necrotheliens are into War, Acritexture, Art, Philocephy, Science, and in most cases, just general business. Born by a Warriors Code, Necrotheliens are not Mandatorly drafted and made to serve. Threw new codes, and Laws, only those who wish to sign up in the Military may do so. Necrotheliens live from around 200-350 Years old, depending on health and other things. A Necrothelien may join the EMC at the ages 21 and above. For most it seems to be a right of passage to join the Military and serve for atleast 10 years. For others they see it as just a good expirence. For the others that do not select the Military, they are enachted to go to schools till they are 22 to make sure they are well educated.
Their dayly lives vary, depending on the person:
If the person chooses the Military, for the most part, they are raised by their parrents until they reach 21, in which they may choose their career path. From enlistment, they enter BCT, or Basic Combat Training. First, they are trained to be resilient, and are disaplend. Once they learn the Morals of the Soldier, they begin physical trainning. Learning the basic moves of fighting are a must at the begging. They also learn how to shoot a rifle, pistol, ect. After that they get their vehicle permissions, and are taught "Advanced Driving and Manuevering Techniques", or ADMT Trainning. Once they reach the required standards, they begin the "Military Physical and Biophysical Trainning", as well as "Military Genetic Ehancement Placement." These 2 Trainning Programs places each Person in a field their instructors feel they are suited for, with the Soldiers requests. Once then, they undergo a week of military physical tests and training. After that, they undergo the Genetic Program, which enhances their sences to be atuned to their spacific job they were placed in. After 3 weeks of recovering from Genetic Mutation, they are placed back in a more advanced Military Physical and Biophysical Trainning Program that teaches the Person to be use to the changes, as well as making sure the Genetic Developments have proceeded to their Highest Proformance Level. After that, the Students train in ACT, or Advanced Combat Trainning, which teaches them their roles in what their future job is planned to be. Once they reach the age of 22, they are ready for War.
Regular Citizens that are not in the Military are raised by their parents, and are Taught Advanced Learning Programs, which are programs designed to use subliminal imagry so that the student picks up on what is happening. They do this to about 3 hours a day until they reach the age of 7, where all the nessicarry knowledge is given. After that, the Child lives life and learns basic nessesities such as how to cook, live, ect. Once the child reaches 21, they take Placement courses that determine his/her best job. Once then, they are taught Basic and Advanced info on that job threw the same techniques as the before. When they reach 22, the child is released as a Legal Citizen, and moves on to his/her life.

General Personality:
Alot of Necro's carry similar Personalities and traits. We, as a people, tend to lean the same way with most subjects. We think alike, and act alike. Though some do tend to look the other way on things, this is just a general preception of it. If encountered by a human, a Necro will most likely treat them badly, and talk down to them. They generaly see them as weaker, lesser minds. In some cases, hostile actions may even take place. However, there are a few Pro-Human Necros in existance. But for General say, this is what a Necro would do. Around other species, such as Demonpyres, Necros will tend to act more prideful, and friendly. We would see them as an ally, and will talk about things that would intrest both parties to the conversation. Necro's see other allied species as brothers and sisters, and will treat them with the utmost respect, especialy toward War Veterns, the Elderly, and women. However, there are a few who tend to see other races as inffearer, and will talk down to them all. This is rare though. But, most of us do tend to see ourselves as a very important race, and should deserve respect for what we bring to the Galatic community.

Military Docturin:
Neco's take war just as seriously as the Demonpyres do. It fuels our society to push on toward a new devine that will give us a great advantage over others. Though we tend to rely on our technology more then we ever had before, we still take great pride and honor into war. We have always found war to be more of a Compitition rather then something tragic. It was like a Violent Dance between blades, and should be taken in with great care. We see War as our roots. The begging of the empire. The great saying is "This Empire was started with a War, and it will die because of one."
Our Military Genre is one very few relate to in modern warfare times. We tend to act quickly, supress the problem, or eleiminate it completely, at it's roots. Waste no time with the eccess, just go straight to the source. We have always found ourselves to be the Fastest Acting Military in the Galaxcy. Split Second reactions, and fast deployment times. We have revolutionized Tactical Warfare. Though, we lack brute force, like the Demonpyres, who tend themselves with terms such as "Over Kill", "Bruke Force", and "Out numbering." They have close reaction times just like us, but lack the stealth, and precision we bring to the fight. If we fought a war together, we would see a mass mix of chaos, and turning point after turning point. There would be no victor. We balance eachother out.

After many Races in the Galaxcy were permited to enter the Empire, many Breeds of Necro's were made including:

Desmotheliens: Necro-Demonpyre Breed. They Have Grey Hair, and Black, Red, and Blue Eyes.
Vilotheliens: Necro-Valk Breed. They have Black Hair, and Blue Eyes
Mesotheliens: Necro-Mri Breed. They Have Red Hair, and Green or Blue Eyes.
Agnotheliens: Necro-Angelis Breed. They have Black, or White hair, and Blue or Green Eyes.
Telotheliens: Necro-Human Breed. They have White, Red, or Black Hair, and Blue, Green, or Black Eyes. (This Breed is strictly prohibited Threwout the Empire, and all Telotheliens are banned from the Empire, though a few can be spoted threwout the empire.)

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