TeraNet is the most expesive project in the Ereban Empire. By far, the most advanced as well, TeraNet was developed by EMAC and Nether Dark Technologies, Inc, and funded by the Empire to create the most advanced Network ever created. TeraNet has THE most sophisticated systems in the entire Multiverse. To date, only one Person, or AI Rather, to be able to crack the TeraNet Codex was the Demagan AI, Daedalus.

TeraNet was 1st thought of in 2320EC, when Ereban Scientist, Dr. Dezmik Altez, designed the 1st Advanced Binary Codex called "Binary5." Unfortunately, the former Network systems could not run it because they were too out of date, and it would take alot of reprogramming to reform the system. From there, Dezmik determined that a new system should be created, and with the Support from EMAC and NDT Inc, they were able to create TeraNet a year later.

When TeraNet was formed, it had taken 15,000,000,000 Credits to create the Massive Servers on the 6 Ereban Controled Planets. Each Server is run by a Super AI which has the ability to control all traffic happening between servers across the Galaxy. As well, it took another 45,000,000,000 Credits to create the Uncountable amounts of TeraNet Relay Servers that now span across the Entire Multiverse, relaying information, data, and other files to other Relay servers, which forward them on, to make sure they get to their intended destination.

The Servers are 10ftx4ft and have about 1,000,000 Credits worth of Technological Goodies produced by NDT, Inc. These include 12-Core Laser-Grade Processors running at 500GHz able to run at speeds faster than any other known processor in the Multiverse, Low-Friction Grade Electronic Boards, Fiber-Optic Cabling, and Triple-N Wireless Networking systems at 100TB/S. To connect to other Relays, they run off of 1PB/S Signal Broadcasts that range from anywhere within 1,000THz-500,000THz (Tera-Hertz). These broadcasts are run threw EUV (121 nm–10 nm Wavelength [NM=Nanometer]) 1,000 Luminance Laser-Optical Transmissions that provide FTL Transmissions; quicker than any other known transmission rates in the Multiverse. 

TeraNet now currently has 4 Sets of Binary Codexes, all created by Dr. Dezmik Altez. They are Binary5, Binary6, Binary7, and Binary8. Each one is explained below. Also, each Codex is programed, and broadcasted threw TeraNet in either 200,000 or 500,000 Bit, making it near impossible to hack even if you tried.

Binary5: The 1st Codex created for TeraNet, Binary5 started off as an idea to not only label binary with 1's and 0's, but with all the numbers. It is the easiest to crack out of all the Codexes used for TeraNet, and is only used for Public uses. However, since the System is 200,000 Bit, it still makes it near impossible to hack the systems with ease.

Binary6: The 2nd Codex created from TeraNet, Binary6 is the usual level for Government and Private Organizations. It uses not only all the numbers now, but letters as well. It was created by Dr. Altez in 2346EC, when our 1st code was eventually cracked. It proved to be extremely harder to crack, and that is why we keep it as the normal broadcasting codex between planets.

Binary7: The second most advanced Codex ever created for TeraNet, Binary7 is the impossible Codex. It was created by Dr. Altez in 2360EC when he had learnt how to combined Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Sounds, and Pictures into a Binary Codex. It has to date, only been deciphered by the Demagan Super AI, Daedalus, who it took 6 months to analyze the test message sent to Demaga to see if the Binary7 System was working properly.

Binary8: The Most Advanced system to Date, Binary8 Set a new bar to impossible. It was created by Dr. Altez in 2420EC when he further the encryption process with video codexes, which, when combined with the Numbers, Letters, Symbols, Sounds, and Pictures, became an impossible process for any known source to crack. Dr. Altez himself has yet to fully create the Universal Codex. As well, the Bit-Systems have been increased to 500,000 Bit Systems. So far, EBI and the Highest of ECMC Divisions have access to the Beta-Type Data. 

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