Dark Archon Vildimire. Not much is known as to when he was born, where he came from, or why he even existed. It is only know that he is the son of Raujlac himself. For Centuries, Vildimire has been considered A Ruthless, yet Honorable Warrior. He has slain enemies that show him no respect, but let 1,000's live because they bow before him. He is a pure Necrothelien at most. He always bares his Raujlac Armor, which is said to had been forged in the Fires of Hell Itself, and is virtually unbreakable. For his weapon of choice, the Holy Blade of Raujlac. Also indestructible, the Holy Blade of Raujlac is said to be a sword Enchanted by Raujlac, but was also cursed. For every being he kills, his power is increased when holding the blade, though, those who are mortal and wield the blade, their souls are ripped from their skins. All together, he is an impossible opponent to fight, unless you were an Archon yourself.

Castle Plaegris. A true feat of pure Necrothelien Architecture, this castle is the last of its existence in the Milky Way. It shows off stellar designs, and is atop the highest mountain on the planet Vectrus, Mount Vildemar, named after Vildimire. The castle is only seen by his most trusted friends, and allies, such as Ignatius. It is defended by his most elite soldiers in the Dark Ereban Army, Centurions. If you stand at the bottom of the Mountain, if it isn't snowing, you can get a clear and what some say as a speachless view of the Castle above.

VIldimire's Flag ship, The Mac'torhem, or the Dark Plaeguer in Necrolanese. The ship provides some of the most state of the art Weaponry, including both a Mauler, and Titan Guns. It spans at about 25km, and is the 2nd largest ship in the Ereban Fleets,

Vildimire without his Helmet on. 

Vildimire outside his Castle on Mount Vildemar.

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