Tribes were common in the Necrothelien Race. Its how we kept order distributed within the Empire. The 4 Main tribes were Hatish, which means Glory in Necrothelien, Gitlu, or Wisdom, Quatrena, or Honor, and the Emperor's tribe, which is generaly the most dominate, Vetish'dempt, or The Great People. Together, the tribes stand for the "Honor, Glory, and Wisdom of the Great People." Which is embedded on to our Empire's Seal. There are 100's of other tribes as well, but none are as large or politically powerful as the 4 main tribes. Before the empire expanded into the Milky Way Galaxy, the Empire's original location in the Delgrin Galaxy, had 7 Tribes, which included the 4 tribes above, and another 3 which were the Tas'kent, or All Powerful, the Maswin, or Immortal, and the Valdem, or Dark Warriors. Unfortunately, the other 3 tribes had died out since the collapse of the empire in the Delgrin Galaxy, and they have yet to be reestablished in the Milky Way.

The 4 Tribes Seal. This represents how each branch of the tribe comes together under 1 sword, the sword of Vildimire. 

The Vetish'dempt Tribe:

After the Unity Act of the Necrothelien Tribes, the biggest tribe, the Vetish'dempt Tribe, came forth and took lead of the Newly created Empire. They became also known as the Royal Tribe. After they took lead they assumed themselves to be the Royal people, and keepers of the Royal Blood Line. So far, all except Dark Archon Vildimire had come from the tribe.

The tribe was formed by Galtalis, a Necrothelien Native to the Empire's home Planet. He formed the tribe long back before the empire had thoughts of even beging. He rounded some of his fellow Necrotheliens and started the tibe in order to keep the people from the brink of exstinction. After many years, the tribe was the center of the becon of light to the Necrothelien people. After a long time, they established a Centralized Government, which eventualy turned into the Ereban Empire's Capital.

By far, the tirbe is the best place to find Pure Blooded Necrotheliens, as well, are the strongest of their race. They fight with pure honor, glory, strength, and conquer all in their path. They are the only tribe that are able to join the Military, unless the tribesmen are Recommended by their Tribe leaders.

The Quatrena Tribe:

The only tribe to have given birth to an Emperor besides the Vetish'Dempt Tribe, the Quatrena Tribe is the 2nd Largest. and 2nd most powerful Tribe in the Necrothelien World. The tribe, in Necrothelien, means Honor Tribe. It symbolizes that they show the true honor of the empire, an honor that no other tribe can come to.

The Tribe was believed to have been formed back when the 1st Emperor Took hold. A group of refugees from Raids on their towns and villages forced them to ban together, and formed a tribe under the name Quatena, and took th name becuase they believed that they were the most honorable of their kind. Though it is not proven that the tribe existed back then, it did not become apart of the "Great Tribe Community" until after the 2nd Rise of the Empire came forth after the 1,000 Years of Hell, where Dark Archon Vildimire came forth as a previous member to the tribe.

Today, the tribe still stands strong, even though its former leader and founder, Vildimire, left the tribe to join the Vetish'dempt tribe becuase he believed it was tradition to keep the blood line strong. Though, Vildimire, when the Council of Tribes comes together, favors this tribe's opinion over all.

The Hatish Tribe:

The 3rd Larges Tribe, the Glory of the empire rests within this tribe becuase of its Very powerful Influence on the culture of the empire. Since the dawning of the empire, the Hatish tribe had influenced almost all of its cultural systems into Ereban practitions. The tribe they are the ones who are said to be gifted with the great power of immagination. They are the ones who invented the Acitectual feats that you see in Necrothelien society today. As well, their stunning love of the Arts and Philocephy have lead to astonishing discoveries about our past, present, and future.

The tribe was formed together at 1st as the "Arters Guild of Calistin." At that time, there was not much use for the Arts since so much war and violence was made. Around the time of the forming of the empire, the Arters Guild had found its way at becoming the 2nd largest establishment in the Empire. After much contemplation, Philsien Havmorn had chosen to create the Tribe of the Arts, or the Ventimaen Tribe. The empire was sceptical at 1st, but in the end, it become one of the greatest tribes, and brought alot of respect to the empite as it created some of the most fine works of art, and built the greatest buildings possible. After a while, Philsien's on, Conmorve Havmorn, had renamed the tribe as the Hatish Tribe, to show on the glory it gave to the empire.

Today, the Hatish tribe still represents the great glory of the empire, bringing only the finest of Institues of Art and Actitecture, as well building such fine works. The tribe doesn't consider war very much though, and there are only a select few who join every year from the tribe. They still, howver, contribute alot, and will be remembered at the sign of every building.

The Gitlu Tribe: 

The Gitlu Tibe is the 4th largest tribe in the empire, and the last of the High Tribes. Giltu stands for Wisdom, and that it is wise and all powerful threw knowledge and understanding. This tribe was the 1st ever tribe to give birth the the Dark Elder's Council, the Personal Council to Vildimire himself. It is famous for the scholors and knowledge it has produced threw books, scrolls, and other forms of writings. They even moved for the idea for the creation of the Great Archives in Vectrus.

The Tribe began similar to that of the Hatish Tribe. It was originaly a University teaching to the privliged and royal famlies only. It contained the smarted and greatest minds in Necro society. When the Empire was born, the University was tossed around, either to be destoried, or expanded across the lands. Eventually, it was descided that since the University gave birth to General Tal'vinish, the General of the Dark Ereban Army, it whould stay, but not jsut as a university, but as a tribe. Comtinplation began for a name, and finally, Gitlu was chosen, for it's wisdom it brought forward. The Tribal Leader was named General Tal'vinish, and he began to start Universities across the Empire, and expanding the knowledge of the Necro Society.

Today, the Gitlu Tribe is charged with being in control of the Empire's Educational System. It holds 1,000's of Schools, and Universities across the Empire, and grants the knowledge needed to expand our minds into the great beyond. Though, this tribe is disliked by some, due to it's Pro-Peace ways, saying that Violence is not the answer, and that knowledge should be our weapon. However, even though they support peace, they still contribute a good amount of soldiers into the Empire's Military.

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