The latest creation of the Undying need for Demagans to continually push themselves to their limits, and punish those who cant keep ahead of the Curve.. NOT FOR THE WEAK SPORTS FANS.

Founded by Demaga's Rasa Elite Gaurd to kill boredom and keep in shape when not on missions, Imagine if you will.. a mutated form of American Football and Rugby. then toss in a few scale tipping tanks, few lightening fast Powerhouses, and some of the most brutal athletes in the galaxy.. then you have a concept of Blood Ball... lets refine shall we?

recently the Demagan Corporate heads realized the untapped potential of Violent Sports.. so they comissioned an arena to be built thousands of feet above the ground nestled between two sky scrappers in Drageara... they recruited the best athletes in the Demagan Empire.

Blood Ball has ONE rule.... Win by what ever means necessary.

SkyCage (Drageara, Demaga)
FlamePit (Morgani, Demaga)
Vertigo (Ifrit Power Station, Earth Orbit)
Blood Stadium (Toranta, Vectrus)

2 Center Gaurds
2 Forewards
3 Defenders
1 Goalie
8 Players allowed on the field at one time, 11 players per team MANDATORY

*each Player must have a name and Position*

The Ereban Blood Lords.  A team of top notch dreadnoughts that are highly trained in this sport like it was war. "We treat EVERY game like its a battle, and EVERY season like its a war." - Blood Lords Moto. They come from all over the empire playing hometown sports. They are extremely high class in fitness. They train with the best to become the best. They recieve exstinsive High End Ereban Trainning, as well, recieve "LEAGEL" Enhancements. After that they spent a year in Blood Ball training. Today, they are now the finest in Ereban. Right now, there are 11 players (Offical Rules of Blood Ball state no more then 11 people on a team.), and the team captian star player is Derick Reese, a formal hometown Soccer player from the planet of Calabien. The players wear state of the art "IntelArmor". Designed from the JAM Inc./EMAC Nano Tech Rpoject, this matireal works like a nano version of under amor. Light, durable, and most importantly effichant. The matirel lasts about 3x as long of that of an original Uniform. It also utilizes the ability to regenerate after being torn or damaged. The Matieral also obsorbes 5-20% of an impact, which helps reduce injuries alot. It also enhances the most important feature, the medical feature. If there is a severe wound that had been substained, and needed immediate medical attention, the nano suit would contribute itself to help seal and protect the wound until the game is over with, and it can recieve profesional care. There is a full list of players are below.

Ereban Blood Lords Roster:

Derick Reese-

Age: 34
Wieght: 184lbs.
Hieght: 6'1"
Position: Center/Captain

Will Grisum-
Age: 29
Wieght: 193lbs.
Hieght: 6'3"
Position: Goalie/Co-Captain

Micheal Vievs-
Age: 24
Wieght: 167lbs
Hieght: 5'11"
Position: Forward

Mechiell Harvey-
Age: 24
Wieght: 145lbs
Hieght: 5'9"
Position: Forward/Co-Captain

Fransis Rims-
Age: 30
Wieght: 204lbs.
Hieght: 6'4"
Position: Defence/Star Player

Greg Marz-
Age: 19
Wieght: 187lbs.
Hieght: 5'11"
Position: Center

Blake Remierez-
Age: 24
Wieght: 193lbs.
Hieght: 6'2"
Position: Defence

Vincent Fairs-
Age: 33
Wieght: 201lbs
Hieght: 6'3"
Position: Defence

Cameron Grieves-
Age: 18
Wieght: 187lbs
Hieght: 5'9"
Position: Back Up: Forward

Marcus Bails-
Age: 21
Wieght: 199lbs
Height: 6'2"
Position: Back Up/Defence

Darien Yields-
Age: 23
Wieght: 189lbs
Hieght: 6'0"
Position: Back Up/Center

Ereban Blood Stadium. High end, top of the line facility, there was alot of new ereban money put into this. The staduim costs about 13,000,000,000 credits to make. This is the offical Blood Ball Arena for the Ereban Empire, and the only one in the Quantium Paraway. Its located just outside the Capital Square by about 12 blocks. You are able to play in all types of weather, due to the over shields on top of the opening in the cieling to keep water out.The field is massive and can store up to 12,000,000 people. It has 6 seating levels, all at which have a clear view of the game. On the final top 5th and 6th levels, civilians have the ablility to watch on field action on TV screens built into the back of the seats since they are so far away from the game below. Tickets Cost 400-1,000 Credits depending on the seating order.

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