CoSMaC Trade Bill

According to this bill being presented to the CoSMaC Legislation and Executive Offices by the current Trade Director of CoSMaC, Akred Dulis, CoSMaC shall institute standard Trade Relguations and Laws to all her representing Nations and Territories. These laws and regulations MUST be followed in Standard Procedure to insure parties involved in trade with CoSMaC or her nations are satisfied. 
As well, this bill shall outline the laws and regulations at which the nations within CoSMaC shall trade. 

Article One [Laws and Regulations]:
According to this Article, CoSMaC shall enforce any and all laws and regulations that this Article may present and outline for due process.

CoSMaC Shall NOT label any items as Federal Contraband and will not enforce a standard Contraband list. HOWEVER, CoSMaC WILL Respect her individual Nations' lists of Contraband items, and will provide Federal Customs enforcers with the lists to ensure that CoSMaC Nations uphold their zero tolerance policies for contraband items. 

CoSMaC MUST be informed of any and all trade policies individual nations have with Nations outside of CoSMaC to provide Customs with the detailed routes so they may not interfere with said trading policies. 

CoSMaC will NOT enforce standard trade between her nations, or outside nations. CoSMaC Will, however support Federal Trade routes to ensure better quality trade between her nations, and those nations outside of CoSMaC trading them her nations. 

ALL Trade is ultimately up to the Individual nations, and CoSMaC Can not enforce any Trade between Nations of any kind or under any banner, even under CoSMaC's Own. CoSMaC does support Trade, however, whenever possible to provide a large source and variety of goods CoSMaC Nation's see use of and may take to their own needs. 

Federal Trade Routes shall be taxed for annual Federal Income to keep the State of the Union financially supported and healthy. Federal Trade routes are designated as the provided Mass Relay and Stargate Network Systems in SMC. The Tax shall be subject to change at any and all times, and is left to the Director of Economy for finalization and labeling of the Taxes. 

Federal Customs shall be provided to all CoSMaC Representing Nations to ensure the thorough searches and seizures of Contraband, and other illegal activities, as well ensuring the safety of CoSMaC Nations from threats, terrorism, etc. 

All Nations have the right to not use the Federal Trade routes and use their own. Those caught using Federal Trade routes without first paying the Federal Tolls shall be pursued and placed into Custody by Federal or CoSMaC State [Individual Nation] Agencies. 

[Following Content Will Yet to be Legalized until the Subject At Matter changes: CoSMaC Station must be Completed. Once complete, delete this Notice]
All Foreign Trade Transits must first Check in at the Designated CoSMaC Station at the Entrance to the SMC. There, they shall be provided the necessary information to proceed into CoSMaC Space by Federal Customs. Those failing to do so shall be placed into Federal Customs' Custody. 

All Outgoing Trade Transits owned by CoSMaC Nations must check out of CoSMaC Space at the Designated CoSMaC Station at the Entrance to the SMC. There, they shall be checked out, with a estimated return arrival to SMC Space. Failing to return after the estimated time will call for Search and Rescue parties to attend to what is now labeled as Federal Property. By these means, CoSMaC May determine what is necessary to retrieve the Lost Property. 
[Notice Ends Here]

Federal Trade will be the act of Trading with either Individual Governments or another Faction/Alliance with CoSMaC itself being apart of the trade. This will provide the Federal Government with an income of Trade Goods, Resources, and/or money to provide to her nations, to place into reserves for future use, or to be sold again for other items, goods, resources, and/or money.
Federal Reserves are to only be tapped by Federal Grants that are signed by both the Directors of Econemy and Trade and the Executive Office. 

The Director of Trade shall keep a Trade Logistics updated at the beginning of every Legislation Term. 

CoSMaC Nations that Provide to Federal Reserves by acts of either Trading and/or donating may do so on their own terms. If the Nation(s) wish to do so, contact the Director of Trade [If not, the Director of Economy] to begin discussing a Trade Contract or Donation Contract (By Nations choice.) 

State of Emergency Procedures:
Encase of a State of Emergency, the Director of Trade will call for a seize of any and all Foreign Trade until further notice, unless stated otherwise. Internal Trade between CoSMaC Nations may or may not be suspended depending on the situation. All inquiries dealing with Trade are asked to be presented before the Director of Trade for to resolve the matter. 

Any further information will be provided by the Director of Trade at the time the situation arises. 

Final Notes: 

This Bill May be subject to change by the Executive, Legislation, or the Directors of Trade or Economy at any time if the need for change is necessary. All other parties must request permission from the intended parties to change this bill. 

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