Customs Bill

According to this Bill, being presented to the Legislation of CoSMaC and then the Executive Office by the current Director of Trade within the Confederacy of the Small Magellanic Cloud [CoSMaC], Director Akred Dulis, the initiation of the CoSMaC Custom's Bureau shall be made and implemented with the terms of Directing Commerce, trade, transit, and official space travel within the Territories and Representing Nations of CoSMaC. The Customs Bureau shall have all rights and Authority, to preserve the security of transit within CoSMaC, to have full jurisdiction of the Transit Security to provide safer procedures, Transit Standards, eliminating smugging and contraband, and rooting out possible threats to CoSMaC and her nations.

Article One [Structure and Command]:
According to this Article, the CoSMaC Customs Bureau shall implement a structured Chain of Command to preserve the integrity of the Bureau, allow for smother operations, and keep all men and women of the Bureau in check with the Standards and Procedures.

Section One [Chain of Command]:
According to this Section of Article One, the CoSMaC Customs Bureau shall present before the Executive Office the Chain of Command, in full details:

- CoSMaC Customs Bureau
-- Administration
--- Administrator of CoSMaC Customs [Designated Director of Trade of CoSMaC (Current: Akred Dulis)]
---- Board of Customs Directors [Includes All Members of the BOMADD]
----- Customs Board Chairman [Designated Director of Economy of CoSMaC]

-- Customs Offices Chain
--- CoSMaC Customs Central Office [Located in the Small Magellanic Cloud [SMC] 'Meta Zone']
---- CoSMaC Customs Representational Offices (Each Nation Has At least ONE Office)
----- Localized Offices [Located Within All Areas of Planetary, Galactic, Universal, or Multiversal Transit]

- Customs Divisions
-- Centralized Division
--- Custom's Aerospace Traffic Control Group [Monitors All Traffic going in and out of a Specified Area, or entire
CoSMaC Space itself]
--- Custom's Offices [Refer to Offices Chain]
---- Customs Recruitment [Recruits Customs Workers]
-- Custom's Agents Division [Standard Customs Services]
--- Custom's Standard Customs Agents [Standard Port Security Detail]
---- Customs's Special Response Team (Spec-Res Team) [Standard Spaceport Emergency Team]
-- Custom's Inspection Division [In charge of Boarding Unidentified and/or Newly Arrived Ships in CoSMaC Space or Representing Nation's Space]
--- Custom's Boarding Team [Standard On-Site Team In charge of Securing a Boarded Object; Used only if Ship Presents a Threat or is Unidentified]
--- Custom's Inspection Group [Standard After-Boarding Team in Charge of Searching Boarded Object]
-- Customs Reconnaissance Division [In-charge of Monitoring Any and All Plausible Smuggling or Illegal Transit Ships within CoSMaC Space]
--- Custom's Cyber/Electronic Warfare Group [Applies Any Electronic COM's or Signals from Unmarked and/or Unidentified ships to Suspected Illegal Groups]
--- Custom's Radar Monitoring Division [Monitors all Radar Traffic for Any Suspicious Activity]
--- Customs Special Tasks Group [Infiltrates Crime to root out Threats, Smugglers, and other Illegal Activities in CoSMaC]
-- Custom's Security Fleet [Fleet Made up of Specially Suited Craft of Large and Small designs able to Fight if engaged, and able to do boarding procedures]
--- Security Ships [Ships designated to Provide Blockades to designated Craft or areas to deterrent and/or block any
ship for Transit]
--- Boarding Ships [Ships Designated to Commit Boarding Procedures]
--- Battle Ships [Ships Designated to Engage Hostile Targets, and armed with enough firepower to Hold a fleet until Reenforcement]

Article Two [Laws, Procedures, and Rights]:
According to this Article, the Customs Bureau shall present the guidelines, rights, and laws that the Bureau would like to present on itself, and the Nations of CoSMaC.

Section One [Laws, Procedures, and Rights of the Customs Bureau]:
1.1 [Custom's Rights, Laws, and Procedures]: According to this Subsection of Article 2, Section 1, CoSMaC Customs has the right to, under subject of this law, search any vessel coming to and from any nation if it is under suspicion of illegal activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, Carrying Active Military Units, 

Smuggling, Carrying Contraband, or preforming any Illegal activity, such as trespassing, that has not been listed. All will result in the immediate impoundments of the transit object and it's crew.

Docking Stations at the entrance to all of CoSMaC space and her representing Nations shall be provided for proper and peaceful boarding solutions.

ALL Ships, Newly Arrived in CoSMaC or a CoSMaC Representative's Space, shall be inspected before proceeding into the Space. Any Unidentified ships shall be halted and hailed, and if required, shot at to deny proceedings into CoSMaC Space. Docking will be required at the proper Space Station or nearest planetary docking center.

If a ship keeps its Identity hidden, or has no identity, and Fails to respond to proper Hails from Custom Agencies, as well as any additional hails from CoSMaC or her nations, 

Custom's has the right to breach protocols of that ship to gain control over it as it presents itself a threat to CoSMaC. Failing to Respect Custom's Agency Laws and Regulations will result in immediate impound of the object of transit and it's crew. Captain of the ship will face the most punishment when under trial. 

Boarding Procedures shall be peaceful unless the crew of the boarded transit object have provided means to be hostile and possibly use lethal force.

All Transit Objects and Crew have the following Rights when under Custody of Inspection or Boarding Teams:
The Right to Remain Silent during Questioning. Anything you Say will be used against you during your Prosecution
The Right to Answer Questions in a formal, truthful manner. Any Untruthful Answers shall be used against you during Prosecution
If you are not a CoSMaC citizen, you may contact your country's consulate prior to any questioning.
If you have any Illegal Items, Contraband, Active Force, weaponry, dangerous items, or Smuggled Items Aboard, to designate them at once or will be charged otherwise in full force.
If lethal force was presented upon them, Custom's Officers have right to Lethal Interrogation. 

ANYTHING Illegal, like Contraband, can and will be confiscated by CoSMaC Agents. Failing or refusing to give up possession shall result in another charged as you are detained. Further Trial shall be placed, and the transit object shall be impounded along with the crew. 

Any attempt to resist boarding of the ship shall result in lethal force. Any weapons used against Boarding Parties shall be put down in the manner the agent(s) see fit to protect themselves. Resisting arrest under Custom's agents shall be put to trial as another charged Felony. 

Any Active Military aboard the transit object shall be asked to relieve themselves of any and all weaponry, and present themselves in a peaceful fashion to Customs Agents. Any persons on the transit object with a weapon is asked to keep it in a secured location. Any Weapon in an active state, such as in the hands of the owner, shall be asked to relieve themselves of it. Resisting this order will mean Lethal force will be required. Persons, from there, aboard the ship have the possibility of being shot on site when holding a weapon.

Any ships suspected of Smuggling (Hidden Contraband) shall have the added charge.

Any ships suspected of Trespassing shall be halted until confirmed transit is made. If transit is denied, the ship shall be impounded, and crew detained.

If the ship is owned by a government not under the CoSMaC Banner, the Government, now at question for acts of war, shall be alerted to the situation while charges with the Universal Community shall be made.

If the Ship is owned by a government under the CoSMaC Banner, the Government, now at question for treason and acts of war, shall be alerted to the situation while charges are placed with CoSMaC.

If Lethal force is applied to Custom's Agents, they will respond in the same manner.

Customs Has the Right to have Active Military Personnel on Station and Duty of their designated locations and areas and able to move across CoSMaC Space in order to provide better security and reaction times. These areas also include individual CoSMaC Representing Nations, but have no authority past the jurisdiction to regulate Federal Transit and Trade, as well, to provide security.

Failing to abide by these laws while in CoSMaC Space shall be prosecuted or killed in which whatever the situation is deemed fit.

1.2 [Offices]: CoSMaC Customs has right to place At least ONE Representative Office in a CoSMaC Nation, as to where the Nation see's fit to place them. 

All Spaceports, Airports, and any other Planetary, Galactic, Universal, or Multiversal Transit Hubs are to have ONE CoSMaC Customs Checkpoint in arrival and departure zones.

All Space-Stations are to support a CoSMaC Customs Office and a Customs Checkpoint in arrival and Departure zones.

1.3 [Emergency Powers Granted in A State of Emergency]:

During a State of Emergency, the following powers, abilities, and rights are granted to the Customs Bureau.

ANY AND ALL SHIPS are subject to be boarded by a standard Boarding Team, followed by Customs Inspectors, either during standard inspection times or random inspections due to suspicious activity. ALL Ships are deemed to plausibility of a threat and should take note that any Illegal activity being preformed shall be met with full consequences of that activity's punishment. 

Customs Agents have the right to take custody of those who pose crimes in any nature while in CoSMaC Space.

Customs Agents have full ability to seize any and all rights while they claim jurisdiction of a certain area for investigation. 

Customs Agents have the right to use lethal force in any situation deemed too risky otherwise. 

Customs Offices shall seize FULL control over any and all ports they are located at for Federal Security. They shall work in JOINT FORCE will the Individual Nations to provide top security. 

Any Aliens within CoSMaC Space have ZERO Rights and Liberates under a State of Emergency, and are asked to leave CoSMaC Space while the State is current and active, and until it ends. Any Aliens that are told otherwise may NOT leave CoSMaC space. Any Aliens refusing to go may have Lethal Force applied against them after a Warning is issued.

All of these rights are ACTIVE AND EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY as a State of Emergency is called, and until the Duriation of the State of Emergency ends.

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