Darth Aries in his Battle-Forged "Jen'Derriphan" Armor, and his Signature "Eyeless Mask"

Name: Soren 'Aries'
Titles: Darth Aries, Jen'Derriphan [Dark Devourer]
Former Apprentice To: Darth "Lady" Altari
Age: 20
Birth Place: Bfpassh
Birth: Unknown
Race: Bpfasshi-Miraluka Hybrid
Eye Color: Black [Blind, But Can See Threw the Force]
Hair: Medium, Strung Back with a Few Bangs, Black
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160lbs
Sith Faction: Vol'jinn's Order, Later Bane's Order
Saber: Double Bladed Saber, Red Blades

Saber Styles-
Main Stance: Free Stylist


Soren was born on Bfpassh, a planet in the Outer Rim. His Mother and Father were Exiles, because Slaves and Owners were not allowed to Mate. However, Soren was born of the Force, only inheriting his Father's genes as a Miraluka by chance. However, the Bfpasshi didn't believe the claim, and executed Both Soren's mother and Father. His Mother's last wish was for him to live, and it was respected to the lowest level. Soren was sold into the slave trade, considered to be an outcast, and never was spoken to. He is blind in both eyes, but being half Miraluka, he can see threw the force naturally, and because of that, has a natural connection to the force itself. Over his life, he was traded Many times. Slave life was all he knew. He taught himself Galactic Basic Language, having heard it so much. He learnt to write by one of his more friendlier masters, but he eventually was sold again. 

When he reached the age of 12, Soren began plotting his own escape. He sat at his window every sunset, pondering on life off the Desert Hell Hole. Finally, the time came that he had a chance. He made a break for it, but the Desert Heat proved too much for his young body, and he crashed. He woke up a day later in a Medical facility, and an hour later, he was on a slate being whipped by his master. He never attempted again, until weeks later, Darth Ignatius and Darth Cerberus had arrived, only to meet Lady Altari. She had beaten them there. Cerberus had attacked 1st, and Ignatius followed. However, Altari managed to fend them off, and killed Ignatius, and left Cerberus with great Injury. From there, Altari had taken the boy from Bfpassh, and began teaching him the ways of the Sith. For Eight Years, Soren Trained under her, constantly testing his abilities. Constantly working. She promised him that if he served her, he could have his wish of Burning Bfpassh to the ground, and watch those responsible for his parent's death squirm under his boot. Only if he followed her though. He had agreed and from there, he stove on to please Altari's deadly desires and Missions, in hopes of reaching the day he would see the planet he despised Burnt to the Ground.

After eight years under her wing, Soren was finally transformed into Darth Aries. After recent Sith struggles, however, Altari had finally considered an offensive against Bane's Order. The first event of what could be the Sith Civil War, Altari ordered Aries to assault Kuat Drive Yards, owned by Darth Cerberus. After a brief flight, Aries crashed into the facility and overloaded the Reactor, destroying the Facility. Aries managed to escape planet side, Cerberus the same. It had been the first time in eight years they had seen eachother. After that, Aries stayed on the planet a brief time, and then Altari had appeared above the planet to test Aries again. She had sent a massive force wave to scorch the surface of the planet. Aries had briefly attempted to outrun it, but realized he couldn't. He then turned and fought headon with the blast. However, he couldn't hold out, and released the force within him to shield his body as he collapsed. 

He woke up in the confines of the Constantine Palace in Armintage. There, Altari explained her actions, and then gave Aries one final order before he was to be 'free' from her control. Kill Darth Bane. With that, she left Aries there in the catacombs. He then set foot for New Korriban, never to return to Altari's sight, or suffer the punishment of Death. He arrived at New Korriban, and traveled to the temple on foot. Arriving at the entrance, he encounter the first resistance. He quickly took down fifteen Sith guards, and for a brief Moment, Draconis, who he quickly ignored and ran from. He proceeded in the temple and had a quick confrontation with So'resh, Lord of the Disciples of Ruin. After defeating him with a cheap attack on his heart, Aries ran again, and was cut off again by Draconis, who sealed him in a single room. Instead of battle though, Draconis sought knowledge of Aries' presence. After a brief explanation, Draconis managed to deprive what he wanted to know, and asked Aries a single question of what to do with his Freedom. However, Aires knew no such word as to freedom, having tought himself Galactic Basic because no one else would. Aries began questioning Freedom, and what it was. With that, he quickly realized the Truth, and that he was deceived. Lied to. And at that point, he was willing to Join Bane's order in spite of his Former Master's orders, and serve him to gain justice over those who had lied and used him.

Another view of Aries' 'Jen'Derriphan Armor.'

Darth Aries in his custom Sith Robes. (My Attempt to Concept him)

Fighting Style: 

Darth Aries batteling a hunted Jedi-Exile, Krien Thane, in the Dark.

Even though he was taught Sith Nature, Darth Aires derives a sense of pleasure and security when battling hand-to-hand. Even if his combatants are wielding lightsabers, Aries still persists to combat with Hands, using his Force Vision to target weak points in the body, and using his rather advanced knowledge of humanoid physiology, which he, even though has little education, had taught himself. 

Another advantage Aries finds is the lack of his combatants' ability to battle in the dark. He uses his to his utmost advantage, since he can see threw the force naturally. It also generates a sense of fear for his enemies.

When Aries does use his saber, it is as random as his Hand-To-Hand fighting, since he is a free stylist fighter, using techniques from multiple styles and sources and using them when he finds it necessary. He uses a double bladed lightsaber for advanced, precise, and defensive combating against his enemies.

Aries uses the force often, usually combining it with Physical attacks to amplify damage, or to protect himself from counter attacks. Also, in usual circumstances, he always sizes up his enemies, with his ability to see threw the force, he can see a better scale of variables to combat his foes.

Aries usually fights on his own, however, like show below, he can work in large groups. He himself, doesn't care how he fights, with or without numbers, just as long as its a fight.

 Darth Aries (In his Jen'Derriphan Armor to the Right) fighting with Vol'jinn's Order at a Jedi Resistance Shelter on Utapau.

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