Ignatius in his final Sith Robes, he custom created after his fight with the Unknown Man. He made them resember the being he was named after, Darth Nihilus.

The Tomb Of Caden . The finaly resting place for him. The entire Ereban Sith Order attended along with members from the Brotherhood of Darkness. It is unsure what the design of the Building is. Only Darths Ruin, and Draknor, had seen the inside. It is said that the tomb exstends several stories underground, and is boobytrapped all the way threw. As well, an army of Dark Seekers protect it. As the final moments came to an end, Ruin and Draknor sealed the Doors, closing the Tomb forever. It is said however, that there is an entrance to the tomb that only The One will enter. This is all apart of Ignatius' Legend.

Name: Caden "Ignatius" Graves
Tittles: Darth (Sith Lord):Lord of Hunger; King of Dark Seekers; 2nd Emperor of the New Ereban Empire
Apprentice To: Lord Ruin
Age: Unknown
Birth Place: Old Shadow Jedi Temple, Raeglas
Birth: Uknown
Death: Wensday, June 17, 2110 [Galatic Standard] 24th Day, 5th Cycle, 2407 [Ereban Standard]
Race: Necrothelien-Dark Seeker Full Breed
Eye Color: Blood Red; Black; White with Red Tint 
Hair Color: Unknown, Possibly Black
Hieght: 7'2
Wieght: 230lbs 
Sith Faction: OTS, Later BoD; Final Days as a Rogue Sith
Saber Colors: Maroon
Saber Styles
Main Stance- Var'Nahtaku [Custom Stance] [Master] 
Practitioner Styles- Shien / Djem So [Veteren]; Niman [Veteren]; Juyo / Vaapad [Master]; Ataru [Master]
Secondary Forms (Forms that are blened into the main combat stances.): Sokan; TrĂ kata
Force Powers:  (For a list of powers, click HERE.)

Master : An expert in the stance, able to use it flawlessly.
Veteren : A Highly trainned person able to use the stance almost perfectly, but not as good as a master
Practitioner: A stance that is not occationaly used, but still is knowledgable of it, and how to use its basic forms.
Apprentice: Just learnt the basics of ths style, and not to good at it yet.


Darth Ignatius, once know as the Grand Shadow Lord Caden of the Shadow Jedi. Ignatius was born to the Shadow Lady Lieona Graves, and Darth Caedus; Former Grand Shadow Lord. He was born on Raeglas, the Capital Planet of the Raeglien Empire and home to the shadows for the past few 1,000 years. He was born into war. When he was born, it was only 15 years later his father had destoried the Shadow Temple. His father killed his mother, leaving him in alot of grief since he was so close to her. After that He was stowed away on the planet called Falgin to train under the great Shadow Lords and Grand Shadow Masters there. At 18, he returned to Raeglas and formed together the lost Shadows into the New Shadow Order. After his fathers death, he was granted the title of Grand Shadow Lord. He was proud to carry this title, and he gained much respect threw it. This was short lived though. He had searched threw some old archives and found the dark secrets of the Shadow Jedi. He quickly relised he was in danger being in the Temple. He was furious though that he had been lied to, and miss placed his thoughts. He wanted revenge to the deaths that had been put onto the blood line. So he stayed at the temple to find out what would happen next. Shortly after, he began having dreams of his father warnning him about the Shadows. Eventualy one night, Ignatius awoke to 3 shadow jedi standing in his room. He quickly got to his saber and cut them down. He ran from the temple that night. He quickly sought shelter in the Sith Temple, and pledged to their Dark ways becuase he knew that it was the only way to defeat them, and joined them just as his father before him. After that, he went to the Old Sith Temple of Calasus, and threw the darkest of transformations, became King of Dark Seekers. He learned the dark side threw them and returned more powerful then ever before. Darth Ruin, Sith Lord of Darkness came forth as his master, and had begun training him. After that, Ruin took a time to leave himself from the pressures of the world. Ignatius, however, searched on for a even greater power then his own. Eventualy, Dark Archon Bad Wolf came forth to him. After much speaking about their ways, The aRchon came with the words that there is a power that is far beyond most sith within the order, and said that the sith ahve not seen this great of pwoer in many many years. Ignatius wanted to know more about this power that he could achive, and threw the help of the Dark Archon, he did, but at a price. Ignatius learned of how his mother truly died, by the hands of his father. At the time, Ignatius thought his mother had been burnt alive in the flames, but since then he had learned the truth, and then disgraced his fathers name, and dispises when it is mentioned. After that, he continued searching forward on how to unlock even more of the hidden power, becuase he couold feel even more within him. Soon, Ignatius eventualy graduated as a Sith Knight under Lord Ruin's teachings. After going threw an apprentice, but unfortunatly having to give him away and letting the sith take his life, he took the rank of Master, and the title of "Lord of Hunger". After even futher gainning respect, power, and knowledge, he came to the rank of Lord. Recently, Ignaitus has decided to resign as Dark Emperor of The empire and give it to the returning Dark Archon Vildimire, the previous leader of the Old Empire who is returning from his dissappearce centuries ago. Ignatius still stood as top adviser, and Leader of the New Ereban Sith Order, and it's Sith Army. however, his life became troubled, and he began going threw a psycotic state. He was tormented by a Dark Essence. He fought it twice. Once in the Old Sith Temple of Calasus and the other on a stolen ship. It was before the 2nd and final battle that Ignatius unlocked the power of Talske, a so called force god from the times before the Old Republic Era. He used these powers in his 2nd and final battle that costed him deeply. Ignatius fought the man to the death. Once he had gained the uperhand, he went to deal the final blow as he revealed the man's identity as his Own. He saw himself, and realised he had been slowly killing himself. He went into a blind rampage, and tried to deal the finaly blow, but the man dissappeared, and left Ignatius with a tourturus mind bomb that made him go into a psycotic meltdown, and making the ship explode in a large force bomb. After that, Darth Solgren, son of Ruin, found him and the remains of the ship. Ignatius was placed in a Kolto Tank. He woke up in a rage of force powers, and nearly killed Solgren, but was forced to stand down by the Soul of Ruin, who state that his binds to Death would be cut, and he would never be allowwed to Die until Ruin said so. Ignatius was furious after this. He was denied the only thing that would end the pain he was now in. Ignatius swore revenge to Ruin. After a while, Ignatius came back onto Radar as Lord Ruin returned to the mortal world to complete what he had started. Ignatius and Ruin had a brief fight, but it ened up in Ruin's favor. Ignatius was at a rampage. He could not be in more of a disgraceful, and pain filled state. He eventualy faced off with the Heretic High Lord Voljinn of the Sith'ari, a Rogue group of Heretic Sith that seperated themselves from the order. Ignatius fought with him, but losted in the duel, but did not die due to Ruin's will. Ignatius still wanted his revenge. Finaly, Ignatius got what he wanted. In an Old Jedi Temple, searching for a Rogue Jedi he wanted dead, Ruin had met with him, and given Ignatius his last respects. Ignatius on that day was killed by Darth Ruin, on his own Terms, and Will. It is said that Ignatius left behind a legend. A fortune only for the one that finds what he has left behind. A tressure only a True Sith could worship. He has been sealed away in his Tomb, on the Planet Calasus, the same planet where the Old Sith Temple Calasus is located. He had left behind things located across the Galaxcy, that only The One will find. Once he has solved the entire mystery, it is said by that time, the One will be the Embodyment of Ignatius himself, reborn in a new form. Only time will tell, and truely reveal if such a tressure exists. For now, Darth Ignatius Legend Lives on.

Ignatius in his Sith Scorcorer Robes. It is said that if blessd by a powerful sith lord, they can contain a great force power and boast a persons force sensativity. Ignatius made his and with the help of a Dark Seeker Elder he blessed them and used them to increase his power 10 full. He bares 2 light sabers, one is for back up though. He originaly uses only one in combat. His face is covered with hardened steel to hide the darkness behind it, for when he is in Pure form. He wears it like a war mask, and to intemidate his enemies just before he kills them, and to strike fear into the hearts of those around him. On his right arm he bares one of the many markings he gained from the dark side of the force as he was turned into a dark seeker. Around his neck is called "The Lost Soul", a Enchanted Necklas his mother gave him before she died. He wears it and never takes it off. She said that it had bared a great power, but it could only be used once and it will be gone forever. It is said that once in used, it could give the wielder an immence power unmatched by any being or even an Archon, but it also could mean the price of death. Ignatius holds it dear, and plegdes not to use it unless its undenyably nessicary to.

Darth Ignatius in combat.

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