The Ereban ACU's [Advanced Combat Uniforms.] High end Camouflage that makes the eye have to seperate fact from fiction. Each one is designed for a single purpose that will allow the wearer to blend in with each of their environments as if he or she was never there in the 1st place. As to Black Cell Units, they wear a different type of suit, which is made of a Thin, but durable layer of Nano-Tight Fabric that is Water, Air, and Even Bullet proof up to a 30 Calibure round. The suits visable are made with a thiker layer of Nano Fabric, but it is not skin tight. These suits are known as the (left to right if you can't see the writing.) ACP-PAT, HDT-PAT, DOps-PAT, OWT-PAT, CST-PAT, and UOps-PAT. 

The Ereban FDU [Formal Dress Uniform.] When troops are not on Duty, they are wearing one of these. 
The 1st uniform at the far end is the Uniform used by Recruits-Apprentice's G:2 (Grade 2). This is the general uniform given to the men and women that just joined and are in basic training, and as well, when they 1st get on avtive duty. 
The 2nd Uniform is used from Private-Corporal G:2. This is given to the men that serve a year on active duty. Basicly signafying that they have combat expirence, and should be treated with respect but civilian units, and those below them.
Th 3rd Uniform is used from Sergeant-Master Gunnery Sergeant G:4. This uniform signafies that the wearer is among the pround enlisted units that are considered to be war heros amoung the Civilians. They are respected, and honored none the less.
The 4th Uniform is used by Lineutnant-Strike Commander G:4. This uniform signafies that the wearer is an elite. Born from war, born into war, die from war. That is the wearers motto. They show they are the best of the best, and are gods of the battle field. Faiure is not an option, Death is only a factor.
The 5th and final uniform is used by Colonels-5 Star Generals G:4. This shows they were once pround, and the most eilie, but now the strong and most fierce leaders. They carry the burden of leading the men into battle, without actualy being there. They are the most respected, and most powerful of the Military, and are indestructible walls, able to take on anything. Anyone who wears this is a fine, and proud service men. Only officers who are no longer Fiel Men wear this uniform.

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