The New Ereban War Memorial. This memorial is a 2.1 billion credit project made to honor all of those who had ever served in any war that has ever happened. Even those who had not been killed and are even still living are posted here, to comimorate their service and undying sacrifice they give for our liberty. We are proud to have this memorial built, so we may show honor to those who gave all, and even those who gave some.
"All gave some, some gave all..." - New Ereban Warr Memorial Motto

The New Ereban War Memorial is located 30 miles off shore to the captial of the New Ereban Empire, Toronta. It is located at the very equater, where it is part of a 40 mile chain of area that gets normal tempuratures, dispite the Ice Age that has occured. Tempuratures range from 20-40oC everyday, all year long. That is why we chose this place to be the place to build.

The New Ereban Memorial:

Honoring all those who had fought and died in order for our survival, it is apart of our oath, that you will never be forgoten... Long Live the New Ereban Empire! 

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