Name: Zander Drake Arailies [Born Alexander Drake Astion]
Tittles: Jedi Master, Jedi Sage Master, Chief Archivist 
Apprentice To: Formerly Jedi Master Su'Rahh Batuu and Jedi Master Viktor
Age: 48
Birth: Febuary 21st, 2,500 ABY
Home Planet: Under City, Coruscant
Race: Human
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hieght: 6'0"
Wieght: 170lbs 
Faction: New Jedi Order
Saber Count/Color: 1:Green
Saber Styles
Main Stance-  Form VI: Niman "Way of the Rancor" or "Moderation Form" [Master]
Practitioner Styles- All other Forms [Master or Veteren]
Secondary Forms: Soken, form Zero, Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat, Trispzest, Trakata

Master : An expert in the stance, able to use it flawlessly. 
Veteren : A Highly trainned person able to use the stance almost perfectly, but not as good as a master
Practitioner: A stance that is not occationaly used, but still is knowledgable of it, and how to use its basic forms. 
Apprentice: Just learnt the basics of ths style, and not to good at it yet.


Zander Drake Arailies was born to an unknown Father and Mother as Alexander Drake Astion in an understreet Hospital on Coruscant. He was then given up for adoption, and lived with an Adoption Mother with 7 other children. When he was 7, Zander ran away from home, searching for a new path. He was initiated into a gang a day later, and took to the under streets of Coruscant in a life of crime. At the age of 10, Zander met a man by the name of Haven Dastrics, a Dark Jedi in search of an Apprentice. Zander agreed to join Haven on his journeys, and became his apprentice. during this time, Zander become obsessed with finding his Real parents, but by the time he did, it was too late. The Sith launched the Sacking of Coruscant, and completely wrecked any dreams he had of finding his real family. Zander was at this point, filled with the dark Side, and reveange agaisnt the sith. His master used this on his own advantage to have Zander complete several missions for him, taking our important republic targets, dismantling their control over the areas. Quickly, Zander rose in the ranks of the Dark Jedi Order, eventually becoming a Master. During his time as a Master, Zander trained an Unknown Apprentice, who he stated as very bright, but in a dark way. Years passed, and at the age of 22, Zander faced a daring challenge before him. The Dark Jedi Order had ordered his execution, and quickly began to hunt him down. He fled from the Temple that night, and hide his apprentice on a remote planet. Zander himself fled for 3 more years until he was nearly caught by Dark Jedi hunters. He fled once more, but this time to an unlikely place, the Outer Rim Temple. Zander stayed there for the remader of his hiding, and pledged under Jedi Master Viktor, and Batuu. He trained until the age of 30, which he was officially promoted to a Knight. Threw his travels as a knight, he made friends with many Jedi, and paid back his debt to the Dark Jedi Order, officially ending his struggle with them. At the age of 40, Zander was promoted to a Jedi Master, then a year later, High Brother of Knowledge of the Great Jedi Covenant. However, this was all short lived when the sith had overran the temples, and completely killed or drive out the Jedi. Zander himself fled for his life once again. He felt more guilty then ever for leaving behind his brothers, and stripped himself of his title, and went into exile. He finally hide himself on the planet Qiilura, and began building himself a sanctuary to keep himself sane, and intact with reality. It took a year for it's completetion. After it was completed, Zander began to think that he was the last Jedi alive. He began making trips to Imbraani, Qiilura's capital, for supplies. One Day, Zander made a trip to Imbraani, and found himself to be followed. He quickly hid, and saw his followers. He at once, struck, and found out these Followers were Jedi. He put away his saber, and conversed with Koth, the Leader of the group. He took Zander and his Team of jedi Investigators back or Korribis, where he was welcomed with Open arms, seeing Viktor. From there, Zander regained his title of Jedi Master, and was even made a Sage Master, and is unofficially the Chief Archivist of the New Jedi Order. He now spends his time on Korribis at the temple or at his Private Sanctuary on Qiilura, constantly expanding his knowledge and skills as a Jedi Sage Master, and spreading it towards others.

Zander in his very rarely used Combat Armor, since he is a pacifist, but will wear it in times of war, or in a Hostile area. 

Zander as a Dark Jedi, and directly after his Indoctrination as a Jedi Padawan. 

 Zander in earlier in his Career as a Master in the Outer Rim Temple, Prior to his Promotion as High Brother of Knowledge in the Great Jedi Covenant.

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