Name: John Ryan O'Conor
Age: 19
Birth: May 21st, 1990
Home Town: Seattle, Washington State
Personality: Rebel, Strong Minded, Persistant, Quick Thinker, Rough, Teenage Personality in some cases.
Skills: Good with Mechanics, Acurate with a Weapon. Can navigate well.
Downs: Trigger happy in intense situations. Rather slow to adapt. Argues alot. Physical Violence is common.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hieght: 5'11
Wieght: 175lbs 


Jorn Ryan O'Conor was born May 21st, 1990 to Liean and James O'Conor at Seattle, Washington's Seattle City Hostipital. 5 Days later, his father was called to Service in Operation: Desert Storm. Four months into the Operation, James O'Conor was pronounced KIA after taking  3 rounds to the chest from an AK 47. Liean, after hearing the news, went into Dramatic Stress, and was like that ever since. John and his brother, James II fended for themselves, forming a brotherly bond few could have. For the next 19 Years,  John and James would help their mother live life, and be brother to eachother, and looking out for one another. When John was in school, he got into fights alot, atleast 2 a semester. He never let someone talk him down, even if someone was bigger then him, he never took shit. His record shows 33 Susprensions from School, Over 100 Accounts of After school Detention, and 12 cases of Assualt and Battery. He was rough, and fended for himself, and his brother. When John turned 18, he followed in his father's footsteps, and joined the United States Army. After going threw Basic, and Advanced Training, he joined the Army Rangers, and became a fine soldier. However, this was short lived when he was Courtmarsheled from the Army after getting into a fight with one of his officers. After that, John returned home to learn of his mother's death. He didn't think much of it. However, he and his brother held a small funeral, and continued to live out life. Later, John moved across state, and Job Hopped, trying to make a living  in a world gone bad. After a year of Job Hopping, the Infestation Hit. He quickly rushed home to help his brother escape the infestation, but he was to late. He found his brother in his house, already infected. He had no choice, and shot down his own brother. He moarned over a tramatic loss. However, he moved on after burying his brother. He quickly grabed his Father's and his own old stash of military arsonal, AR 15, 300 Winchester Magnum, Mossberg 12 Guadge Shot Gun, and Beretta 9mm Pistol, and enough ammo to start a war with china. He put on his old military uniforms, and left the city, in search of survivors, in his old 1995 Ford F250.

John, and his Brother, James. 

John, during his time as an Army Ranger. 

John after the Infestation Hit. (Currently) 

List of Equipment. Its not all GM'ing or anything. Each piece of Hardware is 100% Obtainable threw Gun Stores across the Nation. 

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