Ereban Classified File: OMEGA-057

Orien seen with glowing blue eyes, a product of his Augmentations to his Optical Nerves. [File Photo ID; Taken on Layent during Drakan Conflict, Near Ereban-Demagan Front Camp. Orien can be seen staring down Epsilon, Demagan Officer.]


Name: Travis Micheal Orien
Titles: Lieutenant Colonel, OMEGA-057, VALDEN-I
Age: 112 EC-Years
Birth Place: Ferlas, Tribulant
Birthdate: 9th Cycle, 80th Day, 2304EC
Death: 9th Cycle, 180th Day, 2415EC; Neropa Colony, SMC, FB-01
Race: Necrothelien
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Shaved Head
Height: 6'09"
Weight: 245lbs
Past Affiliations: VALDEN-I 'Delta Team', GRRG 1st Battalion, DEG 1st Battalion, VALDEN-II Program, SCAR, ERIG 18th Battalion, PILINGER: 'Neko'
Current Affiliation: EBI: VALDEN-I OMEGA Team
Specialties: Team Leader, Recon


Lieutenant Colonel Travis Micheal Orien, also known as VALDEN-I OMEGA-057 Orien, is one of the longest serving members of the Ereban Empire Military, and in it's entire history. Dating back to 2320EC, he has more combat duty than any recorded persons in Ereban knowledge. 

Travis was born on the Raeglien controlled planet Tribulant, in the Holy City of Ferlas to a rich family of Lord-Status on Tribuland, owning a large regional area. At the age of 5, Travis was deemed as the perfect recruit for an experiment, so he was kidnapped by an unknown organization, believed to be the progenitor to the current Organization: EBI, and indoctrinated into the VALDEN-I Program, a program that is the progenitor of the current VALDEN-II Program, where soldiers were augmented Genetically, Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally, and trained at a very young age. Travis was out of 200 Candidates that were selected into the program. Out of those, Travis was among 150 that survived the entire program; from training to the augmentations. He was selected as their esteemed leader, receiving the rank of Sergeant Major.

Travis' first mission was one to Dantura, a planet on the outer rims to the old Raeglien Empire. The mission was to investigate the Race known as Danturans, who were known to be hostile towards outsiders of their race. Mission, unfortunately, was compromised, costing 3 out of 5 members of the VALDEN Team. The mission caused a immediate threat of Danturans, now mobilizing on the Raeglien Empire. To resistant an immediate threat until reenforcement would arrive, the remaining VALDEN-I's had no choice but to keep the Danturans grounded and at bay on their own planet for the time being. The Two major conflicts that ensued cost 120 VALDEN-I's, making the total deaths 123 members of the VALDEN-I Program. After the two major battles, the remaining VALDEN-I's managed to survive, including Orien, by retreating to the outer plains of Dantura the Danturan Capital until 36 Hours after, the Raeglien Fleets had arrived at Dantura. The landed troops had regrouped with the VALDEN-1 Team, and pressed to the Dantura Capital, where it was captured, and then, the Leader was executed. Orien, even though not proven, was said to be the executioner. 

After that, the VALDEN-I Program was closed due to the massive loss, and the surviving members were placed either into Psychiatric Hospitals due to the Post-dramatic Stress that was a product of seeing 123 of their 'Brothers and Sisters' die, or into Special Operations and Response units within the Raeglien Empire. It would be only 14 Members left to serve after the cuts between the two. Orien in particular was selected to lead the GRRG 1st Battalion. He would later serve in the Raeglien Civil Wars, the Drakan Conflict, and the First Galactic War.

After the take over of the Ereban Empire, Orien was transfered to the new DEG, now ERIG, 1st Battalion, and placed under the direct command of Supreme Warlord Cosvack, who once served Orien while in the GRRG. He would support in the the take over of the Empire, and dealt with any uprising to bring back the Raeglien Empire. Later wars Orien would serve in the Terebane war, ASHEN Assault, and the Demagan-Ereban War. 

The ASHEN Assault was Orien's most depriving Conflict. Over the course of the six year war that nearly brought the Necrothelien Race to Genocide as well as many others, Orien was one of the few that were selected 'captives' to the ASHEN. For unknown reasons, he is the only survivor of 'Dalis Team', a Recon group that was in charge of a Search and Destroy Op on Dantura at the time of the invasion. After months of being listed MIA, he was presumed KIA and left to question of how and why. Over the course of the next several years, the Empire would rebuild itself in a resistance form and preform 'Hit and Run' Tactics on the ASHEN that controlled their planets. Finally, on the Sixth Year of the War, the Massive Multi-National Assault on the ASHEN had commenced across all six of the Ereban planets, as well as every other Nation's planets involved in the Assault. During a Dagger-Blow Mission, a Black Cell Team found Orien captive at a ASHEN Encampment on Dantura where he had a massive blunt force trauma wound on his skull, but was still alive by unknown means from the ASHEN. He was retrieved along with other Races that were Captives among the group. Orien would be brought back home as the ASHEN base was destroyed and treated for his nearly fatal injury. He made a full recovery in nearly three weeks. 

Orien was known to raise threw the ranks quickly, and been transfered often. From ERIG, to HAS-MECH, to SCAR, to Pilingers Division, back to ERIG, then he was noted to work with Commander Cambel, a fellow VALDEN-I, on the VALDEN-II Program; he has the most recorded changes in position known by any member in the Military's History. However, the remaining VALDEN-I's, at some point, had filed petitions to the ECMC, High Command, requesting their talents to be put back to full use. The ECMC approved the request, and the remaining Nine VALDEN-I's were placed in the Squad known as OMEGA, the last of their kind. The VALDEN-I's would be placed into specialized missions by themselves, or with VALDEN-II's. 

However, in 2415EC, Orien had made the choice to go the the FB-01 Universe for Operation: New Horizons to provide support where needed, he did not bring OMEGA Team with him, but instead, Sabre Team; VALDEN-II's. When the Demagan's had arrived, Orien was instructed to take Sabre team to the surface of a world they were colonizing. There, they investgated the planet to provide analysis and such data necessary encase the Demagan's Presented Hostile. However, they did not predict the Demagan's care for an entire race, which was located on the planet. The Demagans released hell from the planet's Orbit, catching both the Maric Stealth Vessel 'Jerico' and all of Sabre Team, including Orien. 

Orien was pronounced KIA on The 9th Cycle, 180th Day, 2415EC. However, Sabre Team was pronounced MIA due to tradition, however, Travis was given the honor of a peaceful death, and a memorial was made to him in Ferlas, where the largest Gathering of Ereban Military had came to pay respects during the service.

Rumors of his Death have been riddled to be hoaxes, reasons for the Empire to use Orien in a manner of ways without the Public knowing too much about it. However, it has been proven there was no way for him to get off the planet, some deny he was even on it at the time. These, however are just rumors.

EBI Noted nine days after Orien's death that Demagan's were doing something suspicious that sudden drained a large amount of resources from their fleet, but nothing has confirmed or denied these claims. The Rest of OMEGA, after going to his service, set off to the FB-01 Universe, where they planned to investigate for themselves' to see what really happened to Orien. 


Lt. Colonel Orien has an expansiveness record of battle scars, receiving over six dozen Purple Hearts. Orien is noted to have Physical and Mental Augmentations; Products of the VALDEN-I Program. These Augmentations include:

Low-Resistant Bio-Fiber-Ocular Nerve Cells (Increases Overall Reaction Time by 200%)
Cybernetic Eye Enhancement Lens (Increases Low-Light Vision Capabilities and Speeds the Process Up by 60%)
'Tango One Class Brain Stem Implants (Monitors all Commands given by the brain, and allows for less confusion under high stress situations.)
Carbide Ceramic Ossification Implanted Bone Structures (Provides a Natural Organic Production of Bones made up of Carbide to be nearly indestructible.)
Bionites Injected Into Blood Stream (Provides Internal Boost to Combat against internal Medical Issues, such as Rupturing, Internal Bleeding, Bruises, Cuts, cramps, minor surgeries, etc. Also Allows the administering of Specialized Organic Drugs into the system - Works with Tango One Class Brain Stem Implant)
Fibroid Muscular Protein Complex (Enhances tissue density and increases overall strength and speed and then decrease lactase recovery time.
Catalytic Thyroid Implant (
Platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst is implanted in the thyroid to boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues.)
Psychological Stimulant Implant (Specialized Implant in the Brain Creating Neurol-Stimuli Chemicals (And Under High-Stress Situations, 'Cocktails') to Suppress Radical thinking, and aggressive actions to put towards more specialized, organized, and effective thinking and tactics. Implant was Administered During VALDEN-II Program, along to any Remaining VALDEN-I.)

Only One large Factor stands out on his medical history, which is a Massive Blunt Force Trauma Wound received to his head during the ASHEN Assault. He received 6 Weeks of Leave and Recovery, but only needed 3 to re-cooperate back to full speed.
From there, it is just broken bones, severed limbs (Temporarily, all have been reattached), and several bullet wounds and extensive burns consistent to plasma wounds.


Lt. Colonel Orien is in a current state of perfect psychiatric health and well being, most likely due to his Psychological Implants that the remaining VALDEN-I have received to help keep them sane under the circumstances that they have been put threw; from augmentations, to the training, to the killing, and to the massive loss of friends, or 'brothers' and 'sisters.'

In Orien's particular case, he is combat ready. He shows minor signs of mental-stress, but nothing to be concerned with. I prescribed him with 30 Days of Optional Leave, though he automatically denied it; VALDEN feel they only are able to do one thing: kill. I feel sorry for him, being drug out of his own home and placed into a Military world that robbed him of everything he was originally to become. However, I have introduced Orien into the sport of Camping, and hiking. He seemed to be impressively interested in it, so I've given him information on it all encase he did want to take his Leave after-all. 

I think I took it a bit differently than he did though, because I received word of impending notice that Orien's Report was needed to be given to GECO. They stated he requested to join the Directive ECMC Requested for Fleet Security for Operation: NEW HORIZONS; one that would take them to a new universe, FB-01. I suppose this isn't a bad idea though. The Fleet will be exploring new planets and I'm sure that they'll put Orien on the ground first. I think he'd like that. 

I've evaluated his Combat Logs after our personal session. He has, from the time he was first in the VALDEN-I Program, increased fluid psychiatric response, becoming more and more mellowed in his ability to fight and think.
Off Duty Logs suggest that the VALDEN-I are also more prone to becoming 'mortal-like' again; feeling emotional sets that were not normal. However, Sociopathic elements still occur, and only those in the VALDEN-I Social Circle are to see the events of a VALDEN-I Laughing, crying, or other rare emotional revealings. It is most likely due to the implant that the VALDEN-I's are experiencing more of a Normal Life set of emotions. Orien, out of all the group, remains the most quiet still. He remains reserved, a mystery, and I suppose thats what gives him his charismatic appeal to his fellow VALDEN. A mysterious and seemingly invincible leader that has been with them threw thick and thin.

Overall: Lt. Colonel Travis Micheal Orien is in a complete state of positive mental and emotional health, and is ready to be moved threw out the ECMC's Branches as needed. Or in this case, be transfered to GECO 

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