Name: Lord Marcus "Kane" Pargon
Tittles: Darth, Lord of Revelation, Dark Jedi/Sith, Ex-Jedi Knight, "Outcast",
Apprentice To: Lord Ruin; Lord Ignatius
Age: 32
Birth: Febuary 21st, 2380 [Ereban/Galatic Standard Mix]
Home Planet: Small Settlement, Naboo
Race: Human-Necro Breed.
Eye Color: Deep Blue 
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hieght: 6'1
Wieght: 190lbs 
Sith Faction: OTS
Saber Color: Maroon [Blades of Ignatius]
Saber Styles
Main Stance- Tel'Maltaku/Tel'Nahtaku [Custom Stance] [Master] 
Practitioner Styles- Shien / Djem So [Vetern]; Juyo / Vaapad [Veteren]; Ataru [Practitioner]; Suresu [Vetern]
Secondary Forms:Sokan; Tràkata;  Dun Möch; Telekinesis; Form Zero;

Master : An expert in the stance, able to use it flawlessly.
Veteren : A Highly trainned person able to use the stance almost perfectly, but not as good as a master
Practitioner: A stance that is not occationaly used, but still is knowledgable of it, and how to use its basic forms.
Apprentice: Just learnt the basics of ths style, and not to good at it yet.


Marcus Pargon was born to Donamic and Cathrin Pargon. Donamic was a farmer on the planet Naboo, while his mother, Cathrin, was a Jedi Master. They lived on a small plantation about 300 miles away from the capital, on the Naboo Plains. It was a small settlement, only about 140 people in all. Most of the refugees to Sith attacks.When he was 5, he learnt of his Mother's Jedi affiliation. He quickly caught onto it, and the parents agreed that he be sent to the Jedi Acdemy, to follower in her footsteps. He did so, and spent the next 10 years of his life, training, when finaly he became a Jedi knight at 17. He went back home to Naboo, to celebrate with his family. After a month of peace, he was told that the Jedi were in grave danger, and that he must go into hiding. He left his home of naboo, and the love of his life, Morgen Harels, who he promised to marry when he was able to return. That night he left for a distant planet called Tarsin, isolated and unused.for the next portion of his life, he stayed there. When he reached the age of 25, he finaly left the confines of the planet, thinking that it was safe. He returned home to Naboo. Everything jsut the way he left it. He married Morgen within the next months. however, the happy moments were short lived. The Settlement on naboo was attacked by Darth Ignatius. It was unknown to Marcus that the settlement was under attack, for he had been sleeping in late with his newly made wife. He heard the screams and fires, which woke him. By the time he ran to see what was happening, the settlement was aflame. His mother and father, both lay in the settlement square, along with several other bodies. After that, he heard his wife scream. He rushed back to save her, but it was too late. He found her dead on the steps to his home, and his house aflame as well. He morned over her body, until he felt a dark presence behind him. He turned to see the dark figure standing before him. In a rage, Marcus struck with his saber. It colided with Ignatius'. Ignatius laughed at the futile remake. In an anchient language, Ignatius spoke. And for some reason, Marcus understood. "Darkness fills you. You are no prize for killing, but instead, for learning... you will learn in the future, your destiny, is at hand." With that, Marcus' let his guard down, and Ignatius grabed him by the neck. He inserted taunting images as to what Marcus was to become, a Sith. Something that he had despised. He was finaly released by Ignatius. He lay uncouncus. A jedi convoy picked him up, and left back for Coruscant, where the new Jedi Temple lays. He spent several more days there, before declaring himself Rogue. He left the temple, and spent the next 2 months in the temple before it was layn under siege by the Sith'ari. For 2 Days he watched as they lay siege. He rallied any survivors and sent them off to protection. He then stumbled upon Lord Ruin, where they had a furious fight. It ened with Ruin knocking him out, but not killing him. He was awoken finaly after a nighmare he had. He woke to the sounds of war, and reacted to it, and found Lord Ruin watching him. Ruin ordered him to put on Sith Robes, and folow him. Ruin lead him to the Jedi Temple, and ordered only one thing of it. Kill all inside of it. He and ruin seperated then, and attacked the temple. they both finaly met up at the council Chambers, where a Sith'ari by the name of Fudor battled with Jedi Grand Master Plo Koon. It was a fight to the death, but Koon came out on top, only to be cut down by Dark Lord Draknor. Marcus followed by Lord Ruin's side, and left the temple that night on a search for the remaining Jedi, along with Darth Vectuvian.Their 1st stop was the legendary Star Forge. There Ruin introduced them to their grand army of Driods and war ships.Billions of them, lined together, ready to fight. After Ruin had reactivated the station, they proceeded to the planet Ander'aan, where a Jedi Temple was located, along with Republican Reminates of the Honor Guard. Marcus was sent to the Temple to find the Holocron of the Exile. There, they would learn the secrets of both sith, and jedi alike. Marcus had touched down and the massive battle began. The Driod armies distracted most of the honor Guard and JEdi, good enough for Marcus to basicly barge right in the front doors. He dispatched a few Jedi, and proceeded toward the main hall, where he took out a large force of Honor Guards and Jedi barricading themselves iin the main hall. Marcus used his expert distraction techniques, and 2 Thermal Detenators to take out the entire group without even breaking a sweat. He proceeded to the end of the Main hall to the Council Chambers, where he burst the door open with a large force blast, and briefly battled a Jedi Master, and killing him. He then turned his sites toward Grand Jedi Master Ya'Minn, A Yoda's Species holding Marcus' prize, the Holocron. It was a fierce duel, but Ya'minn was too powerful for Marcus to face off with. Ya'minn used his expert Ataru taking out Marcus' Saber arm, then a lethal slash to the chest. Ya'minn then sent him flying into the wall, and held him there for what seemed to be his final moments. Were it not for Ruin appearing at the last and final second, Marcus would have been dead. Lord Ruin killed Ya'minn with a swift, and deadly strike to the torso. He then was faced with the choice of killing, or helpping his apprentice that had just failed him. He chose to help him. He was saverly wounded, but eventualy healed back to 100%. After the Battle of Ander'aan, Marcus was sent with a 2nd task of destorying one of the last, if not the last Cloning facility in the Galaxcy. It was locatd on Lacia, a Core planet, and a Gas Giant. The facility was located on one of the 9 moons of the planet. It was a Frozen Waste land. He made his way on his new Stealth Infaltrator, The Sire. He used it to get onto the moon without being detected. He infaltrated the Facility and made his way to the Control Center. There, he shut down the facility, and began to steal information from the Computers. However, he stumbled arcoss soemthign that shook him. He found out that the Facility deployed an emergancy protocol that allowed a Mass shadow Generator to float toward the core of Lacia. He immeadantly warned Ruin of this, and excaped the Facility. He got orders to retrive the Mass Shadow Generator after Ruin had succesfully hacked it and shut it down. He retrived it, and went back to the Star Forge, where he was told by Ruin of a new and more important Task. He met him in the Meditation Chambers, and discussed the importance of the Dark Reaper, a weapon of mass chaos, just like the Star Forge, and Mass Shadow Generators. Once Ruin and Marcus arrived at the Dark Reaper, and they quickly boarded it. Marcus took his path with his AI, Miles, and searched for a Dataport so he can have Miles read out the Damage. After a read out was made when he found a dataport, he rushed back to Ruin when he felt a disturbance. He found Ruin on the floor.He attended to his master, who gave him orders to return to the starforge until his return. Marcus rested himself in the meditaion chambers until he reaised it was the perfect time to grab the Mask of Ignatius.He quickly ran threw the halls of the star forge to Lord Ruin's Quarters. After ordering Miles to deactivate all driods on that level, he had to rid of Miles and used the self destruct on his Wristpad to blow the door to the room open, destorying Miles. He entered Ruin's meditation chamber and spoted the mask. He approaches it, and a deep Pain washes over him. He feels the terror of a 1,000's souls resting in it. Screaming, crying for help. He tries to ignore the pain, but it fills him with the deepest sorrow. He see's flashes, mental images of the terror. People screaming, dying, death. was all around him. He reaches out to the Mask, the pain intisifies as he draws closer. He turns, and a driod appears around the corner. It suddnely begins to twist and turn into a scrap pile. The power from the mask grows stronger. He knows he doesn't have anymore time. More driods appear at the door, and fire, then end up the same as the 1st driod. The blaster shots bounce off an energy field, emitted by the mask. He finaly grabs the mask out of sheer will, and he feel's his heart stop. He gasps for air, and crumples to the floor in pain. His heart is overwhelmed. He keeps hearing the words in his mind repeat over and over and over again. "Rebirth." He cries out in agony, and feels a sudden rush of power. The room explodes in a large shock wave. Doors just outside Ruin's Quarters were engulfed in the explosion. The dust and smoke begisn to clear. The walls tattered with black soot. Flames engulf cloth, and other items. Hot molted metal burns with a red glow. Marcus stands slowly, staggering a bit. The sudden rush of power had shook the very core of his life form. He finds his way to the hanger bay, leaning against the wall for support. He gets into his ship,The Sire and reaches the Cockpit. The ship comes to life at his presence, and begins to take off automaticly. It heads at a random direction, and disappears into Hyperspace. Marcus' last thoughts past threw his mind. He can see his quarters on the ship. He collaspes to the floor, the mask still in his hand. He crawls a few feet more, and passes out on the Ship's deck. We he awoke, he found himself laying in a giant desert, his ship crashed, and desstoried. After ripping a piece of shratnel out of his leg, he proceeded toward what appeared to be a building in the distance. When arriving there, he learnt it was a tomb, rather then a building. After discoving he was the key to getting inside, he got into the tomb, and proceeded to find it's beholdings. He finds that the coffin was rather an empty hole, leading to only darkness. He leeped into it, and found himself in a chamber, the tomb of Ignatius. He proceeds and stands in a circle in front of a large statue of Ignatius. He feels the mask and robes rip from his hands. They formed together and made the Mortal Form of Ignatius. Ignatius told Marcus to then go to the Ereban Sith Order and kill everyone there. To make sure none lived. Marcus left the tomb and arrived at the Sith Order. He entered and was greeted as a brother. He was then brought to the Sith Lord's Chamber, where he striked. He went threw the temple, and sunk it under the lake. After that, the Ereban Empire had attacked Marcus for destorying the order. He got out of harms way and escaped the planet by hijacking a space ship. He returned to the Tomb of Ignatius to find otu that they have tracked him. Marcus quickly delt with the problem, taking down an entire Verabic Class Dreadnought, and crashing it into the surface using the force. Ignatius then instructed Marcus to leave Calasus once and for all. Marcus listen, and took Ignatius' sabers, and left the planet. Days later, Marcus

Ex-Jedi Knight Marcus in his Jedi Uniform, and his signature Blue Saber, before he went Rogue.

Marcus Pargon, Dark Jedi. This was after he left the Jedi order, and several weeks after being Ruin's apprentice.

Kane facing off with Ya'minn in the Jedi Temple in the Battle of Anderan.

Kane during the Assualt of The Lacian Moon 

Kane just before the Remaking of the Order.

Kane facing off with Jedi Master Selvio.

Kane fighting in his new "Rebirth Armor"

Lord Kane without his mask.


Opening stance of Tel'Nahtaku, offensive form. (With the exception of using the force.) This for allowed the user to preform several acrobatic attacks, with the reverse grip, and as well have a free hand for the force. The user keeps his body at a diagnole of the enemy or target,saber hand behind them, force hand in front. The blade is kept behind the user becuase of leverage, and a better strike angle, allowing more powerful, and lethal attacks.The knees are bent slightly for a low center of gravity, allowing a better balance, and more agility at manuvering.

The Opening stance of Tel'Nahtaku, Defensive Form. This form allowed the user to be protected from most High, mid, and low attackeds, by swiftly moving the blade to the correct angle and hieght. The user keeps the blade just behind the force hand, and enables free useage of the force. Once again the knees are bent for a lower center of gravity, increasing manuverablility.

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