Before the Discovery of Neutronium in 2389EC, the Empire used standard Copper Full Metal Jacket rounds. However, since the discovery, standard Ereban Arms use a 7.62x39mm Neutronium Core Copper Jacket Round. Neutronium, or Element Zero or Eezo, is known for its properties of zero electrons and zero protons. Its extremely dense, and extremely rare. When subjected to an electrical current, effects may vary. A Negative current causes a Dark energy field to produce and surround it's neutronium provider, and decrease it's contents' mass. A Positive Charge does the opposite, increasing mass. 

ALL Ereban Weapon Systems today have the technology know as Mass Effect Technology, abiding inside of them. Each one producing a standard Mass effect Field. All Ereban rifles come equipped with what is known today as the "Cypher MEF [Mass Effect Field] System." The Cypher MEF does similar to what it's name says. It Cyphers the MEF being produced. The First round shot is a HighSpeed-Low Mass Round. The MEF being produced is a Negative Charge, causing the round to decrease in mass and move at extremely high velocities to it's target. Less knockdown power, HOWEVER, extremely stressful on high tolerance Armor. The second shot fired is a Heavy, LowSpeed-High Mass Round. The Positive MEF Charge put on the Neutronium core causes the mass to increase exponentially, and drives the round into the already, now fragile, armor. With less velocity, it doesn't have as much penetration power, HOWEVER, it's ability to send the knockdown power directly to the target is pronominal. 

The rifle's Smart Computer, from then on, is programed to change the MEF Charge every round, from High, to low, and everything in between, so that the target is hit with a barrage of lethal and destructive rounds, each one bent on doing it's own purpose of knocking down a target. Even more, the system know's when the target has changed. The VI Program refreshes the target analysis, judging height, weight, distance, etc to gain variables on how to take out the target. The VI will also know when the target has changed by viewing threw a small micro camera at the front of all Standard Ereban Iron Sights. That allows the VI to reset the system and begin changing the round fixtures. 

Standard Ereban Round Sizes Sizes [Millimeters]:
5.56x45mm - SCAR L
5.7x28mm - XMX
6.22mm - M7 MAWS 
7.62x39mm - WASR-20
7.62x51mm - SCAR H
7.62x54mmR - THC-300
7.62x59mm - X58MAR, SAW V.2
10mm - MSP 40
10.4mm - Deskris-SS
12.7mm - MSP 50
12.95mm - Hax-50
20mm - HMG72
40mm - Specialized Anti Infantry Round
50mm -Specialized Anti Air Round
60mm - Specialized Anti Light-Armored Round
70mm - Specialized AA/AL Round
100mm - Specialized Anti Medium-Armored Round
150mm - Specialized AA/AM Round
220mm -Specialized Anti Heavy-Armored Round
250mm - Specialized Anti-Tank Round

Other Round Sizes:
10 Gauge Bore - Shot Gun Exclusive
14 Gauge Bore - Shot Gun Exclusive 

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