Ereban Defense Protocols:
The following Protocols are the Official Documentation for the Protocols of the Ereban Empire to enact when, or near a threat against the Empire by a Known or Unknown Source has opposed itself. All Protocols are given Rights to override current and existing laws, but will not create new laws by the Official Documentation of the Ereban's Imperial Constitution. All Ereban units, especially EDC Units, are asked to review these with Great Care encase of a threat appearing itself to the Empire.

Section One [Civilian Orders]

Paragraph A [Civilian Displacement Order]:
Under Section 1, Paragraph A; The Ereban Empire hereby enacts the destruction of ALL Civilian Records and Data in the event an attack is initiated on the empire. This will ensure that the Enemy opposition has no absolute data on anything related to our Civilian and Military Information.

Paragraph B [Civilian Arming Order]:
Under Paragraph B of Section 1; The Ereban Empire is officially ordered to distribute Small Arms weaponry for the Defense of Civilians across the Empire. ONLY Necrothelien Civilians are allowed to hold a weapon. All others are to be evacuated from the Ereban Nebula to prevent political incident. 
15-21: Standard Issue Pistol
21+: XMX Rifle

18-20: Standard Issue Pistol
21+ XMX Rifle

Paragraph C [Project: BLACK STAR Initiated]
Under Paragraph C, Section 1; Project: BLACK STAR is to be initiated encase of a preemptive strike by a Known/Unknown Target. This will ensure that the Civilian population within the Ereban Empire is safely evacuated to a BLACK STAR Station outside of the Milky Way by methods that are classified. One initiated, BLACK STAR will send encrypted messages to Ereban Recognized IFF with an Authentic Code, and will be given a transit point to a Mass Relay which will send them to the Nearest BLACK STAR Station to ensure their safety. Project: BLACK STAR is a voluntary Order. All Civilians that wish to stay behind and join the Planetary Militia Service are welcomed to Join. Otherwise, you will be given safe passage to the nearest BLACK STAR Station.

Paragraph D [Militia Service]
Under Paragraph D, Section 1; Any and All Civilians ages 18-150 for men and 21-130 For Females, are welcome to join the Planetary Militias in order to defend their planet. If time permits, They will be given a Day's Worth of Basic Initiation Training before receiving Official time in a Combat Zone. They will be outfitted with Standard Issue Weapons, Equipment, Gear, and Armor in order to serve. Militia's already organized and Locally Operated on the six owned Ereban Planets will be given instructions, and full Command over the Programs they are allowing in the event of these protocols being active.

Paragraph E [Fortification of Civilian Establishments and Property]
Under Paragraph E, Section 1; ALL Civilian Property and Establishments is Hereby Under Government Requisitions  for the Use of Defensive and Strategic locations against Enemy Invaders. Any Civilian Not giving up their property will be dealt with by the Terms of the Commanding Officer at the Scene. Once the property is taken, fortifications will be made to the property and it will be used for the defense of the Empire. Once the Invasion is repelled, a toll will be taken, and a Reparation Check will be administered to the Civilian's losses towards your property and developments on the property.

Section Two [Military Orders]

Paragraph A [Active Military Order]
Under Paragraph A, Section 2; All Military Personnel are Officially called to Active Duty and are to report to the designated stations for immediate orders and preparation of battle in defense of the Ereban Empire. All executives and Administrators, along with Commanding Officers, are to report to Ereban Defense Command, as it is officially Undertakes the Ereban Central Military Command in order to protect the Empire. This means by default, all Top Ranking Officers of the EDC are in command of the ECMC as a whole, in order to repel attacks on the Empire.

Paragraph B (With A Subsection of Paragraph A) [Ereban Defense Command Reorganization]
Under Paragraphs A and B, Section 2; All Ereban Defense Command Structures, according to the Defense Protocols that are active when the Ereban Empire is under attack, is to take Total Control and Command of the Ereban Central Military Command to repel any and all invading forces from Ereban Space. Once all forces are gone, the EDC Will be forced to release command of the ECMC or be forced down as an account of Treason, where all executives of the EDC will be executed. All Officers, Executives, and Administrators are to hereby report directly to the EDC Commander General in order to defend the Empire.

Paragraph C [Imperial Navy Orders]
Under Paragraph C, Section 2; The Ereban Empire orders that ALL Vessels, active and inactive in the empire, be pulled into Active duty and all crewmen be alert and ready. 
Subsection C.1: The Imperial Star Fleet's main orders are to Begin blockading Route 1, the Main Access-way into the Ereban Nebula. Filtering Their lines will be neccacary if the fleet is significantly large. Otherwise, the fleet should be taken head on. Orders to requisition FRAY Titan Gun Platforms will be made to help strengthen the lines. Over all, all Assault and Multi-Purpose Fleets are ordered to make the line. All Defense Fleets are to stay within their Planetary system and wait for orders. All ships are requested to carry full loads, and be ready for large-scale combat.
Sub-Subsection C.1.1: Space Marines are ordered to stand by aboard ships and wait to reply enemy boarding attempts, or told to prepare for a boarding attempt themselves. A Non-Ready soldier is unacceptable. 
Subsection C.2: The Imperial Sea Navies are requested to Set up large scale AA Systems over Large Bodies of water where nessicary in what could be large enemy traffic zones. Be prepared to stop enemy attacks over water bodies if it calls for it, but focus on eliminating Enemy Air Superiority. 
Subsection C.3: Imperial Navy Ground Forces are requested to Stand by at their stations, and wait for Orders from EDC. TACOps are ordered to report to the nearest EDC Base for Special Tasks.
Subsection C.4: Imperial Navy Fleets are ordered that if boarded by hostile forces and enemies have gained hold of a area of the ship, the immediate Activation of the "S.S. Protocol" is authorized and mandatory. Any ship not abiding to this Order will endanger and risk the Star Map of the Entire Ereban Nebula.
Sub-Subsection C.4.1: "S.S. Protocol", or "Silent Suicide", as stated in the Ereban Military Field Guide, is the Protocol that, if boarded by an Enemy force, Ereban Ships must relieve themselves of any and all potential points of Intelligence. This means, once enacted, All Star Maps, COM Channels, Navigation Keys, Stored Data, and AI systems are to be wiped clean, as well, anything that was not stated in this defining statement.

Paragraph D [Imperial Marine Orders]
Under Paragraph D, Section 2; The Ereban Empire orders that ALL Imperial Marine Corps, active and inactive in the Empire, be pulled into Active Duty and all Units be ready to be deployed for Defense tasks and preparations at your designated zone.
Subsection D.1: The Imperial Marine Corps' main orders are to repel any and all enemy ground and air forces by any means necessary to protect the Empire, Her People, and Her Information, from hostile forces.
Subsection D.2: The Imperial Armor Corps main orders are to safely provide armored and Protective transportation for any Civilians in a Red, or 'Hot' Zone. If all Civilians are evacuated or none are present, The Orders stand that all Armored Corps units stand by for Orders and direction from the Main Imperial Marine Corps' command to repel the invasion with Ground Forces.
Subsection D.3: The Imperial Air Corps are ordered to work with Imperial Navy Air crews to defend areas of importance from Air Strikes, and attack hostile zones, such as DLZ's. As well, provide reconnaissance from high views and feed intelligence to The EDC for interpretation.

Paragraph E [EBI Orders]
Under Paragraph E, Section 2; The Ereban Empire orders the strict reprehending and divulging of any and all intelligence known about the invading forces. In return, the Empire will enforce a "War Policy" Budget, which will be provided to EBI to begin Special Tasks to help the Empire in repelling the Invaders. Details in Subsections
Subsection E.1: Under orders from the Empire, EBI is to begin Special Tasks and Operations including Deep Cover assignments and are given greater depth of available fielding and lesser restrictions to Operation Qualifications, meaning, less restrictions as to what can be done in the EBI's stance without the Empire stepping in.
Subsection E.2: The "War Policy" Budget will be enacted to the EBI when an invasion is commenced in Ereban Space. This budget is a booster for Operations and Activity for EBI to increase it's ability to work and greatly expand it's Compacity to get information. This Budget is not restricted for any use at all, and is freely handed to the EBI at any moment. 
Subsection E.3: EBI Agree's that once the fund is obtained that any and all information that is gained about the enemy, the enemies' whereabouts, and any information that pertains to them under any circumstance, will be divulged to the Empire in an attempt to help further exploit plans and weaknesses in the hostile forces' attack.

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