Project: BLACK STAR was a host project at the turn of the century in 2390EC. The Project was the first of it's kind in the Empire, where the creation of a Simulated Planetary Body would take place. These Stations, or 'Black Stars' were a last line of refuge for the Empire in case of a dire and lethal attack on the Empire that could not be held off to protect it's civilians. So, instead, the empire created the Project to suit the needs of civil living environments necessary to sustain a long-term settlement for a population that had just before been pushed into a new world from the tides of war. 

Black Stars are a massive size, roughly ten times of Earth's Diameter. They have expansive arms stretching out in all 360 Degree's. In the center is a Standard-Sized planet full of an impressive abundance of resources, mostly metals, elements, etc, to provide living on the Black Star Station. 

Black Stars also have the ability of it's own Light Source, an Artificial Sun capable of producing enough light for Six Million Years. The Light Source provides 14 Hours of Day light total for any given part of the Station as it rotates, leaving 16 Hours of Zero Light (30 Metric Hours = A standard Ereban Day). 

Black Star's locations, to this day, have remained a well guarded Secret among the Ereban Government. Usually, their locations remain around a Nebula, or close by, to shade their existence as an anomaly. However, the case of the FB-01 Black Star, it is located in a High-Populace Zone to provide Simulated Planetary Life.

A Black Star's Artificial Sun. 

A Black Star's Resource Planet in the center of the Station.  

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