Assault/Battle Rifles

XMX 18/Skyline 18 [EMAC]- The Skyline is the newest weapon in the Ereban Military today. It is one of the most all round guns you can find. It is also the Ereban Military's Standard Rifle of choice. It holds stunning accuracy, and holds a standard 270 Rounds Per Minute, firing a 5.7x28mm round. This gun is a variant of the Demagan Made X58MAR/BR58, modified by EMAC. The gun does not hold as much of a punch, but its accuracy and rate of fire are up now. The gun features extensive carbon fiber materials for light weight carrying, but durable enough to withstand a hot gun spray. It has a special recoil effect that keeps recoil down and your gun more steady then the average rifle. It also features a standard Front Grip, ACOG with 4x Zoom, a Front mounted sight with an activation button above the trigger frame for easy usage, a hair pin trigger, a 41 round clip [Including 1 in the chamber] and a rubber handle grip for maximum accuracy and stability. This gun also features the JAM PROOF System, which makes it 99.99% Jam Free. This gun is best choice for total domination of the battle field from Close to Medium and even to Long Range Automatic Weapons Fire.

WASR-20 Battle Rifle [EMAC] - The WASR-20 Is the Standard Issue Battle Rifle of the Empire, firing it's 7.62x39mm Round at single shot. The Designs, at this time frame, may look ancient, but the rifle itself is an outstanding work of art, tranquilizing designs of it's 20th Century Predecessor, the AK47, the WASR-20 is a highly reliable weapon, with zero Jamming abilities. It hefts a 30 Round Magazine as standard issue, but can accommodate several Mag Sizes to fit the mission. The WASR also doubles as Ereban's Smallest Caliber Sniper Rifle. Its single fire shot can hit targets at well up to 1200 Yards at a max range in optimum conditions. The rifle is outfitted with a standard 6x Scope, and has available rails to mount a variety of utilities to form to the mission standards. The rifle finally puts out even more with it's Six-Position Collapsible Stock. 

 X58MAR/BR58 [JAM Inc.]: 
BIO: This weapon is the pinnacle of Modular Battle Rifle Design. Lightweight, practically indestructible, and packing a heavy knockdown punch the X58MAR or (BR58) is the Demagan Infantry weapon of choice this rifle has seen combat in five wars and has proven itself since its baptism by fire. This design was actually not created by JAM, rather it was designed by King Jester (Houldan Macara) himself and the very first prototype belonged to him. His niece discovered the genius of the weapon and based the Entire JAM corporation around the fundamentals of this weapon. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE ABOVE ALL ELSE, this weapon is the embodiment of the Rifleman's dreams and his enemies nightmare. 99.99% Jam proof the weapon will perform guaranteed by JAM in any situation in any theater of operation. The attached scope is a quick acquisition red dot for CQB and doubles as a 2/4/6x's Magnification scope for when precision shots need to be taken. This is the rifle that forged JAM and the weapon for which they are most known for. It is the symbol of Demagan Land War Supremacy and will continue to be such for many years to follow as this weapon reaches above and beyond the call of duty in performance and reliability. (7.62x69mm) semi auto/burst/full auto 1000 Rpm Muzzle velocity 3450 FPS max effective range 1300 yards 4.5 pounds loaded.

M7 Advanced Modular Assault Weapon System/M7 MAWS
The M7 MAWS is the 1st Modular Weapon ever created for the Ereban Military. It was finished after several prototypes in 2410EC. The system includes The System Receiver, a 554mm Barrel, a 424mm Barrel, a 38 Round Stacked Magazine, a M7A-SD Quick-Detach Suppressor, a Detachable Vertical Foregrip, AN/PEQ-22 TAM Aiming Module/Tactical Light, Rear Iron Sight, Detachable Handguard Panels, an ACOG TA88/88A 4x32 Scope, a M986 CKOG 1-4.5x22 Scope, and an M752 HWS 1.0x Sight. As you can tell, this gun is already very customizable. That is why it was rated to take the replacement spot for the Default Standard Issue Assault Rifle in 2412EC. It still hasn't been voted though, considering it's expense, and it's few flaws. However, its still very effective. It fires a 6.22mm Round that comes in 4 different Varieties. The 6.22mm Armor Piecing Round [Both Ball and Tracer Rounds can be found], the 6.22mm Jacketed Frangible round, and the 6.22mm Subsonic Round.

SOF Combat Assault Rifle/ EE SCAR [Versions L and H.] {EMAC} - 
The EE SCAR, sometimes referred to as the SCAR V.2, is manufactured in two main versions; Light (SCAR-L, Mk 16 Mod 0) and Heavy (SCAR-H, Mk 17 Mod 0). The L version fires 5.56x45mm NATO using improved M16 rifle magazines. The H fires the more powerful 7.62x51mm NATO from a newly designed 20-round magazine (this full-sized cartridge makes the SCAR-H a battle rifle). Different length barrels will be available for close quarters battle and for longer-range engagements. The initial solicitation indicated that the SCAR-H would also be chambered for the 7.62x39mm M43 cartridge.

CQB Weaponry

XM-26 LSS/Messenger 26 Semi-Auto Shot Gun
Bio: The XM26 has been in development at the Ereban Soldier Battle Lab since the late 2350s. The idea was to provide soldiers with lightweight weapons. This gun would provide soldiers with lightweight and tactical capabilities, such as: door breaching using special slugs; very short-range increased lethality, using 10 Gauge buckshot and Slugs. And then it's less-lethal capabilities using rubber slugs, rubber pellets, and other less-lethal rounds. This shot gun also offers itself in an Under-gun Mount for special missions.

Delbrum 6 [EMAC] - The Delbrum is a specially made Slug-Only shot gun made by EMAC. It was recently just set off the assembly line, and put into recent combat. It fires a 14 Gauge slug that can be used for blowing down doors, shooting through light armored vehicles, or just taking a few shots at a target. The standard mag 10 round slug clip located at the back of the gun, and it has an exceptionally large barrel: 40 inches. 

Hostile V.2 [EMAC] - The Hostile is an SMG Variant apart of the CQB Family, firing a 9MM Round. It fires a rate of 20 Rounds a Second [1,200RPM] with a Forty-Five Found Double Stack Mag. It provides a forward grip for stability and riveted trigger grip for zero-slide. The rear stock is adjustable, five position. The gun also features a JAM-PROOF System since it's high rate of fire may make the gun clog up, the JAM PROOF System defects any Jamming by 99.9%. The gun can be outfitted with a multitude of accessories; Sights, Suppressors, lights, lasers, etc. A Highly Versatile Weapon for Close Quarters Combat, it's accuracy is better than Most SMG's, using a Eight-Inch Barrel. 

Specter [EMAC] - The Specter is the second addition to the SMG CQB Family, firing a bigger round than it's predecessor, the Hostile,  with the .45 ACP Caliber. The gun utilizes itself as the most versatile SMG in the Ereban Military. It can mount Suppressors, Barrel Extinctions [5.5 Inches Default], Sights, Internal Light, Default Grip, and Foldaway Stock. The Magazine is a 30 + 1 Single Stack, with the gun's RPM of a thousand, it has a large volume of fire with it's bullet size. It is Spec-Op SMG Of Choice. 

 Side Arms

The MSP-40/50 [EMAC]: The MSP-40 is the Standard Issue Pistol in Ereban, firing a .40 [10mm] Round. It features a four.5 Inch barrel length, thumb guard to protect the user from recoil related injury, and a heat sink platform above the barrel to withstand extensive usage. The trigger is a standard 3lbs pull, and able to keep up with as many pulls per second as the user can preform. The standard clip fits 15 Rounds, but extinction clips can give up to 30 rounds. The pistol is also available in fully automatic variants.  

The MSP-50 is is the same standard pistol described above, but used in a lesser case. As well, standard Mags can only hold 10 Rounds instead, but pack a more powerful punch. The only major difference is the 50 fires a .50 [12.4mm] Round.

Five-Seven [EMAC] - The EMAC 5-7 is a Special Operations pistol variant, used and loved by Spec Ops for it's internal silencer capabilities. It fires a standard 40 [10mm] Round, and holds up to 20 Rounds in a Standard clip. It has a special undermount rail used for Lasers, flashlights, and other utilities to specialize the pistol for certain missions. The pistol has a touchy 2.4Lbs Trigger pull, less than the standard recommendation levels, though it's better suited for quick reactions, that of special forces. It uses standard iron sights, though a rail mount can be placed on the gun, and different holographic sights can be used, suited for the user's tastes in combat. 

 Long Range Rifles

The THC-300 Short Bolt Sniper System [EMAC}
Bio-  The Short bolt was Designed with Efficiency, yet quality. Short, but Effective. EMAC developed this gun 12 Years Prior to the Drakin Conflict, after the EMC requested a more demanding gun. From there, EMAC Produced the Short Bolt Sniper System. Short, but still effective up to 1,200 Yards. It fires a 7.62x54mmR Round, making it devastating. It's special system allows you to carry 2 clips in the gun. The Main Magazine goes in the back, near the stock, creating a long barrel for an accurate shot. The second clip is contained infront of the Trigger, and handle. It is an Inactive Clip, but allows you to switch out to a second clip quickly. It comes standard with the 20x Zoom Scope, and Bi-Pod. The stock on the back is also adjustable. It has a Stabilizer on the back to keep the gun at an appropriate angle.

Deskris-SS [EMAC] - The Deskris SS is the Standard Issue Sniper Rifle of the Empire. It fires a standard 10.4mm Round; able to hit targets up to mile long ranges. It's barrel is 28 Inches long, made of heavy metal so the barrel does not expand after repeated use. The standard magazine holds 20 Rounds. The rifle is outfitted with a standard 25x Scope, and 360 degree mounts over the gun for utilities. It weights just under six pounds. 

 Infantry Support Weaponry

M250/SAW V.2 [EMAC]:
The M250 squad automatic weapon Version 2 (SAW V.2), formally written as Squad Automatic Weapon, 7.62x59mm, M250, is an EMAC version of the NAM Malice-H, a light machine gun manufactured by the Ereban company Necro Arms Manufacturing. [NAM]. The gun was introduced in 2350 after being judged the most effective of a number of candidate weapons to address the lack of automatic firepower in small units. The gun provides the heavy volume of fire of a machine gun with accuracy and portability approaching that of a rifle to infantry squads. The M250 is gas-operated and air-cooled. It has a quick-change barrel, allowing the gunner to rapidly replace an overheated or jammed barrel. A folding bi-pod is attached near the front of the gun, though a heavy fixed tripod is also available to troops. It can be fed from both linked ammunition and STANAG magazines, like those used in the M16 and M4. This allows the SAW gunner to use rifleman's magazines as an emergency source of ammunition in the event that he runs out of linked rounds. However, this will often cause malfunctions because the magazine spring has difficulty feeding rounds quickly enough to match the SAW's high cyclic rate.

 Heavy Infantry Weaponry/Enmplacements 

HMG72/Hammer Head [EMAC]
The HMG72 started its works as a Joint EMAC JAM, Inc, production, but shortly after the gun began making its final prototypes, JAM Bailed out seeing that they had to get to other weapon matters. The EMAC Continued to modify and finally came out with the Final Model in 2310. This model served itself to be quite an achievement. The Hammer Head, as it was nicknamed by Soldiers at Fort Hav'trix on the planet Castin during the 1st Raeglien Civil War, fires a standard 20mm Turrent round, and is belt fed with a 120 Box Mag. It has stunning take down power, and noted to be able to fire threw Demagan Hellion Tank Armor When using Armor piercing Incendiary Rounds.

HS-C16 Morter Turrent/Dawn Breaker [EMAC]
: Made in 2367, the Dawn Breaker is a top of the line Morter Turrent. Lightweight, yet built with an accurate firing system, it can be carried on the backs of troops at only a 20lbs. Load with Shells. The Shells it fires are 42mm Ballistic Havoc Apex Rounds. Small, compact, lightweight, yet powerful, and accurate. Te Havoc round is a specialty made mortar round thats design is based off of the MAC Apex Shell. The Havoc is a high velocity round that has a miniature propulsion system that propels it to approximately 2308Kmph, and sends it to the outer atmospheric layers, but still keeping it in the planet's gravity. Once then, it acts like a missile and locking onto it's designated Target Area, and falls back down to the planet. Once it reaches the ground, it will have reached maximum velocity impacting the ground at high speeds, taking out a large target area of about 15-40 Yards, depending on the planet's gravitational pull, atmosphere, and round used.

Ereban Usage: Today, the Dawn Breaker is used only in Heavy Marine squadrons, and in fixed locations. It is not very mobile these days, as to seeing more solutions to target areas with Orbital Strikes, and Air Support. It is still used among elite squads of ERIG's working in open terrain and able to get a good strike on the targets. Other then that, only about 1,300,000 are currently in service with the Ereban Military.

The Mass Acceleration Gun [MAG] Systems

Developed in 2404, MAG Weapons systems were Developed by EMAC to produce Effective Weaponry, Massive Firepower, and an unstoppable weapon system that could kill with no more then five shots.

With the Help of Element Zero Technology, EMAC Produced the MAG Line of Weapon Systems to Provide such qualities in a gun. However, the Guns are only used by Specialized Infantry, like HAS-MECH, VALDEN, and ERIG Divisions due to the excessive recoil [Approx. 160PSI, Enough to break a human bone] that standard infantry can't handle. As well, the bulk and weight [60lbs For the Battle Rifle] of the weapons are not fit for them. The MAG System fires the following Slug sizes:


These slugs average out at 4KM/S Speeds, 6KM/S in the most optimum conditions. As well, the Slugs are all constructed with the same Outer Copper Jack with a Full Neutronium Core that is manipulated by Mass Effect Technology before it exits the gun. It uses the same VI Programs to calculate, before hand, all properties that would effect the bullet, including but not limited to, Wind Direction and Speed, Humidity, Coriolis Effect, Gravity, the Target's Mass, Weight, Size, moving speed (if any) and plausible armor weak points. Together, the VI predicates the aim needed to fire, and feeds it to the HUD of the weapon's holder with the Integrated EMAC Weapon-Armor-User Systems. 

Below are the Weapons themselves, a total line of three weapons in the MAG Family.

 The Battle Rifle Variant of the MAG Line, it fires the standard 12.95mm Slug on a single, or burst fire (Three Rounds Fired within a second) shot. As you can see, the gun is bulk, but for good reason that the MAG line provide's it's immense firepower, trading maneuverability for it. The Standard Mags hold 30 Rounds. The Upper Mounted Low Profile Scope is a 4x-10x Scope for Medium-Decently Long Range shots that are needed to be taken.  

The Sniper Rifle Variant of the MAG Line, it fires the 20mm Slug. It's length is just under Four Feet long, but provides the capability for shots to be taken at up to 4 mile distances with ease of the user. It possesses a 10x-35x Scope, and the ability to change for a Hyper-Sphere Scope System for shots longer than three Miles. The Clip holds 4 Standard Shots, and gives the gun a sleeker look and low profile design. The only thing otherwise is the carrying handle.

The Pistol/SMG Variant of the MAG Line (and final Variant), it fires the 12.7mm Round with capable 5 Rounds per Second or Semi Auto. The standard Mag holds 20 Shots, and is made for more close quarters encounters than Medium or longer encounters. The Weapon features a standard Red Dot Scope, and foldaway front grip.

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