[Version: Basic System]: The Basic TechV Suit is the overall best of the suits for standard infantry. It provides stable mobility, protection, over shields, etc. It would come out on top as the best suit, for it provides standards the other suits only have some good rankings in. The Basic System is originally used by Ereban Imperial Marines. It's highly advanced and the best choice for all around combat. Good for the front line man, some say. 

Shields: Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier and EMRIS V2 [Grade 1] Combo System
Top: Plasma Weaved EzTi 38/7 Nano Plate Armor [2 Inches]
^Under layer of Titanium Carbide [1 Inch]
Middle: Standard ILNW Ballistic Kevlar-Nanete Suit [1 Inch]
Bottom: Full Thermal Under Suit

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