[Version: HAZMAT System]: The HAZMAT System is the system utilized by the Ereban Quarantine and HAZMAT Corps. It is completely Air-Tight, and sealed. It's possibly the most advanced System in the Ereban Military, containing High End standards in the industry for Quality. It comes with an entire computing system built into the Armor, which is almost unheard of. It's programs include a Viral Scanning System, a Viral and Chemical Database, containing every known Contaminate in existence, and a Complete Carbon-Dioxide Air Filter System. It's truly a work of art.

Shields: Standard Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier/EMRIS V2 [Grade 1] Combo
Top:  Plasma Weaved EzTi 38/7 Nano Plate Armor [Portioned]
Middle: ILNW Protective Kevlar-Nanete Padding
Bottom: ILNW Standard Sealed ACU
Under Layer: Sealed Exo-Skin Anti-Bio/Chem Tight Suit

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