[Version: Space Adapted System]: The 2nd Version made from the TechV Program, the Space Adapted System or TechV SAS is designed for hostile environments, preferably space. They air air tight sealed, as well as the other Systems, to accommodate the lack of Carbon Dioxide. This Variant is used by Space Marines because of its space friendly uses.

Shields: Special Issue Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier/EMRIS V2 [Grade 2] Shield System
Top:  Plasma Weaved EzTi 38/7 Nano Plate Armor
^ Titanium Carbide
^^Gold Plated EzPb Lining
Middle: Standard Space-Adaptive Sealed Suit
^Standard Ballistic Kevlar-Nanete ILNW Weave
Bottom: Standard Thermal Suit
^Special Formed For Space

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