[Version: Heavy Mechanized System]: The most expensive suit to date since the VALDEN Armor system, the Heavy Mechanized System is possibly the most impenetrable armor system there is. Duel Plating, Two layers of Air Tight Systems, water tight, 5 Inches thick at general points, and can store the main weapons of the wearer, which are the Heavy MAG Lines. The HM System allows for a heavy soldier to literally walk in a fight without being damaged. It is also noted to have the best capabilities for Orbital Insertions. It's slick armor allows it to glide to it's destination, without super heating. However, only a few Million were made since their price.

Shields: Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier and EMRIS V2 [Grade 1] Combo System
Top: Titanium Carbide [3 Inches]
^Plasma Weaved EzTi 38/7 Nano Plate Armor [2 Inches]
^^Bio-Gel Padding [1 Inch]
Middle: Standard ILNW Ballistic Kevlar-Nanete Suit [1/2 Inch]
Bottom: Full Thermal Under Suit [1/4 Inch]

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