The Dark Ereban Army. Forged at the Beging of the Empire, the Dark Army, as its reffered to, has been an Army of Evolutionized Pure Blooded Necrothelien Demons. They are the most powerful of their race, and are known as the Alfa's of the our people, that can harness the true nature of "Nether Dark" powers. They are one the most respected, most powerful, and one of the most feared armies in the Galaxcy. This army is acting as the Personal Army to Dark Archon Vildimire, as he is the Most Powerful of his race, and is also in charge of the Army. If someone more powerful than him where to come forth and claim his life, the Dark Army would fall under its new leadership of the man who slain him. It is Warriors ethics. To this day, the Army has not been called to war, but only to Guard the Archon atop his Mountain at Castle Plaegris.

Plaeguers. The unit only known as Plaeguers, they are the basic Combat Unit in the Dark Army. They are able to cast basic Demon-like spells, and use their Death Maces to deal major out Close Combat Damage. No one actualy knows if these beings are just empty shells controled by a Soul, or if there is an actual being inside of their armor. The reason for this is for their brutality they use in combat. Their rule stands to this day "If it lives, I can, and will kill it." 

Magoriks. the Mages of the Dark Army, Magoriks are powerful in the Dark Arts of the Necrothelien People, also known as "Nether Dark Powers." They are trained to be skilled in all that can be harnessed from these powers, and stop at nothing to gain the extra mile of power. They are constantly learning, exploring, and advancing their powers until they can go no futher. In combat, a single Magorik can take on 50 Men, and not even be touched once. As well as being highly trained in Nether Dark, they also train in basic and Vetern forms of Sabre combat.

 Berserkers. Powerful, obedient, and Suicidal. These beings are the biggest and toughest of the Dark Army's units. They fear nothing, and kill everything. They would stand before a million men, and only be in a group of 5, but they would still stand their ground, and fight to certain death. They fight like they are heartless, and souless beings. They also take a beating, and will contantly get back up, even if they recive a fatal blow. They are true beings to honor, and also, true beings to Masicers.

Centurions. The most powerful, most devistating, and most elite force in the Dark Army. They combined all of the units above into one, fine, pure blooded killing machine. They not hesitate to kill by any means nessicary to and for the good of the Empire, as well its Emperor, Dark Archon Vildimire. They serve to him mostly as body guards, and on occations, men to desimate an opponet. They are Crusaders of the Dark World, and stop at nothing to end the regien of Light, and let the Dark Legions rule the land once again.

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