The Delgrin Galaxcy. About 1,246,278 Light Years from the Outer Rims from the Milky Way. IT is also the true home to the Ereban Empire. The Galaxcy is exactly 231,130 Light Years in Diameter. It has over 124,346,752 Star Systems, all colinized. The entire galaxcy is govened and ruled by the Ereban Empire. The history to the Erebans has spanded out for about 320,000 years. Since several wars with other societies in the Delgrin Galaxcy, only the past 4,000 years can be recovered. The Current Ereban Year is 2351

The Beginning (Mediveal Times): 410-1020 

 In the begining, the Erebans, or at the time called the Riders of Necrotalis, were a mercinary group of Knights. Necrotalis was the God of Death, Chaos, Destruction, and Nether Darkness, a form of Magic in Ereban Posess. These riders were the few who were able to use these powers. They were apart of a breed of beings called Necrotheliens, as apperent to the God Necrotalis. Necrotheliens were short in numbers, but all of them had the powers the same as their god did. SOme more powerful then others, and even the few who were considered Desendants of Necrotalis himself. The Man incharge of the Group of Necrothelien Riders was called Malice Morthien. He was considered to be a desendant of Necrotalis. He had powers most could not grasp in a full life time, which is an average around 167 years. He and the riders worked much for an Imperial State called the Gorlins. The Gorlins had needed and used the Riders to capture more territory from rival kingdoms and empires. Eventualy, Maliced planned it in his head that once they gained enoug land, they could overthrow the Empire, and start their own. They all agreed and waited for the right time to strike. Eventualy, they comminced their attack. It was quik and desisive. The battle only lasted for 7 minutes at the most, with Malice holding the head of the former emperor. At that momment, he was crowned Emperor. He had sat attop his thrown, and had made the Riders of Necrotalis the base of his elite guard. From there, he had re grouped the lost Necrotheliens and had them breed within the Empire so that all may be as gifted as the Riders. Soon the empire had their Necrothelien Civilization. Once then, Malice had reformed the Empire, and called it the Ereban Empire, or in tounge means Nether Dark Empire. After a few more years, Maliced passed on and gave the crown to his son, Vermire Morthien, who was even more powerful then Malice... and showed it.

Called the face of death, Vermire Morthien was one of the harshest, but most powerful rulers, being of 100% Necrothelien Blood. He is the one who lead to the construction of the Dark EReban Army, and expanded the Empire 10x its original Size. He lead a full life, and trainned in the Advance Stages of Nether Dark Powers. He became known as "Cathxec Yiethotalis", or Son of Necrotalis due to his extreme advances in Nether Dark Powers. He eventualy died off due to a horrible accident that occured when he was trainning. He created a power he nor any of the elders that tried to save him, could control. He was killed, along with 2 of 5 Elders. He had no son, so his Apprentice, Delrik Marsh stepped forward as Emperor.

Delrick Marsh, Apprentice to Dark Emperor Vermire Morthien, took held of the Ereban Empire after the death of his master. He lead a time of peace, and prosperity threw the ages. He was known to the Erebans as "Freeciles Vortey" or Light Bringer. They gave him this name becuase he gave peace and easyness on the people. He was considered to be the Most Genirous Emperor of the Empire. He had married a Lady by the name of Lieca Trecmun. They had 1 child named Calbe. He was crowned prince, and set at the left hand of his father. After several more years of ruling, he eventualy passed away in his sleep. His wife, Lieca, lead as Emperus for 2 more years, then as well passed away. Then their son, Calbe Marsh took heed of the Empire.

Noted to be one of the Darkest and harshest rulers, Dark Emperor Calbe Marsh was the exact oppisat of his father before him. He lead a time of war, destruction, and only left death in his wake. He managed, however, to lead what was called the Surrender of the World, where he lead the largest build up of troops, and had taken the planet Firestis under his rule. He had done what others could not. Once then, he had claimed the enitre planet, he began to rebuild, and restrengthen the EMpire and it's army. Unfortunatly, he was assasinated in his sleep.  He left everything in his will to his Warlord of the Dark Army, Terrence Grimsviel, even including the empire.

Dark Emperor Terrence Grimveil was noted as The Ereban's last emperor. He lead the Ereban Empire threw an age of reconstruction, and vigilence. He lead several raids against terrorists, and rebel groups, and surrpressed attacks and Anti-Ereban Protests across the planet. Unfortunatly, he was as well killed in his sleep. He was erected in a statue days before the siege of the EMpire began, and the 1,000 years of Hell began.

The Dark Ereban Army. An army that masses to about 134,000,000 Troops at the Peak of the Medieval Empire. They were the best of the best, and able to fight in Close, and Ranged Combat. They were masters with the Sword, and were the most powerful of the Necrothelien Race. They massed whenever needed, and would kill at any order, no matter the being they were ordered to kill. Tatics used to train them are still used today when training New Ereban Military, and Dark Army Troops.

Dark Ereban Elders. The Most Powerful, wisest, and oldest beings in the Ereban Empire, the Elders were the council to the Emperor and if need be, even fought. They were only known to be 3-6 living at a single time. No one really ever see's their faces, and many tales say they are actualy souls rapped in a coth casing. A pure Essence of Nether Dark in other words.

The 1,000 Years of Hell: 1020-2020

 The 1,000 Years of Hell was the period time of 1,000 years of Pain, Destruction, Desolation, Rebelion, and All out Chaos. It happened just after the collapse of the Ereban Empire. The planet was lead into dismay for 1,000 years and was out of rect. However, even though it was pure war, civilization still continued to advance in technology, medicine, and almost everything else. It even grew more advanced sooner then most Civilizations known. They grew and prospered. Morely the Necrotheliens then the other races, since they lived the longest, and had the most base of a civilization to build on. Around the year 2000, a group called the Taliens, who were a group of Necrotheliens and of Ereban Desent, came forth and began to conquer, and regoup lost Necrotheliens. As well, they regained peace to most of the nothern continate. After that, they began to establish order by making a Government, and calling themselves the New Order of Ereban States. Once then, they began to create the old EMpire that it once use to be. After that, the year struck 2014, and the NOES had regained control of most of the Planet with a few exceptions. They had regrouped all of the lsot Erebans, and had regained military strength. On the year 2020, the NOES had been reformed into the Ereban Empire. It had set out to make a final conquest and had taken over the planet fully agian. At that time, War had ended, and peace ran the world again.

Modern Ereban Years: 2020-Present Day 

 The Rule of Dark Archon Vildimire:

After the peeriod of 1,000 Years of Hell ended, a powerful being by the name of Cornilius Vildimire stepped forward, claiming himself to be an Archon, and son to Necrotalis himself. After many shot downs against him, he showed the people that he not lie about his status by killing an entire city with just a swift wick of his hand. The people then feared, yet rejoiced to his rule, as they see him as a Sun of Necrotalis himself. They were happy to know such a man of high and powerful standered could rule them again. Threw this, the Archon lead the people threw 3 Different phases. The Pre Space Age, The Space Age, and the Universal Expantion Age (Age before the Empires fall, and the Creation of the Old Ereban Empire in the Miliky Way Galaxcy.) At the begging of the Pre Space Age, the creation of Space Craft, and Probes were at the best they could do to expand their Space Sciences. After many breakthrews however, the Space Age began at 2101, with the 1st Colonization of the planet Paradium. At that point, no longer did they think they were alone in the Galaxcy. Ater colonizing the planet, They found a small city of a race of beings called Recimites. The Recimites instantly found them hostile and attacked. This began the "First Contact War" that amazingly lasted till the end of the Empire in the Delgrin Galacxy. The war spreaded threw many planets, as the Erebans stole and reverse engingeered the alien like technology. They then used to to find, clonize, and also destory other planets. Soon, the Universal Expantion Age began, after  the 1st Intergalatic space craft was invented, and sent off to find a new Galacxy. This is the ship that found it's way to the Milky Way. After many many long years, the Final reminates of the Empire fell after a misterious dissappearence from Vildimire. After that, several tribes tried to put it back togetehr, but nothign really stuck, and they still remain tribes today, still evergoing in the First Contact War.

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