Imperial Marines: Incharge of any and all Ground Operations. Main source of Troops, Tanks, Helicopters, ect. The Imperial Marines has 3 Branches. It is Lead by High General Palsier.

Marine Corps: The Main Ground Force.incharge of Troops, and Troop Deployments across the combat Grid. Its lead by General Nariks.
Armor Corps: The Main Source of Military Armor, such as tanks, vehicle transits, and other Ground Essincials. Its  lead by General Hatin.
Air Corps: The Main Source of Helicopters, and the only Air-Based Branch in the Imperial Marines, the Air Corps is incharge of Air-Ground based tatics, with use of mostly helicopters, with the exceptioon of a few attack squadrens. Its lead by General Palin.

Marine Corps:

 First we have the very fist of the Ereban Military, Imperial Marines, which are our standered military unit. These are heavy infantry units that wipe out anything in their path's. They are fast acting, can kill anything, and can with stand almost any injury and can still fight. These guys will give those who fight them, hell. They fight with State-of-the-art equipment, and use it to it's fullest. They are the Pride of the Erebans, and will die without question if it means to keep the Empire alive.

 Ereban Tactical Reconnaissance Marines, or TARE Marines, are the Marine Corp's Special Ops units. Very Fast, very deadly. They report for scouting runs, and small missions. They are also the 1st marines to hit the ground in major conflicts. They carry lightly, and are able to gain ground quickly on enemy units. They are Stealthy, and Precision Artists. Perfection is their game, and they use it to their advantage.

 Ereban Heavy Assault Mechanized Infantry, or HAS-MECH Units are the Heavy infantry units, utilizing Powered Armor Assault suits. They are the most powerful unit in the Marine Corps. Slower then the rest of the units, but very devastating, especially when they utilize Orbital Drops, surprising their enemies. They carry the latest MAG System, the MK 24, the SGR 7, and the RT 17. They are able to store all of this into a compact, air tight seal, containment pack on their backs. Very effective, and it allows them to be concealed by enemy Ground Radar. They are very effective, almost as effective as the VALDEN II's.

The Ereban Quarantine and HAZMAT Infantry. Encase of a severe Outbreak, the Ereban Empire trains advanced Quarantine/HAZMAT Infantry to suppress, and deal with the situation. They carry advanced weapons, and even a computing system that allows them to ID the Virus/Chemical, and deal with the problem. They wear Air Tight Nano suits that keeps them safe from outside contaminates. They are given orders to kill anything that is infected, and find the source of the problem, and seal it off. They also have a special Infection Identification system that allows them to see if one is infected or contaminated just by looking at them threw a Visual Scanning system. 

Armor Corps:

The Armor Corps Combat Engineers. Highly skilled Technicians and Troops in one package. They are the main unit to set up Paremeters and Shield Systems, and as well, keep Vehicles up and running. They also run a weapon servicing system at Bases and encampments to provide troops with a fresh weapon system. These troops carry around a Technician Computer System on their back, and a XMX Rifle, along with an Anti Tank Missile System, that fires a Heavy explosive Slug Missile, able to pierce 7 inch armor plating. The are essential to Ereban combat.

The 'HVM Runner' or also known as just The Runner. It has seating for 3 Plus the Drive, and a Duel-turrent mounted firing a 8mm MAG Shell. It can also be mounted with a special round called a 'HAMMER' round, which can punch through Light and medium armor systems. This vehical is clocked for 210MPH and has a Special Mass Effect Suspension system allowing it to drive threw any terrain and will able to keep stable, and not lop-side. 

Top Speed: 210MPH
Weight: 2.1 Tons
Length: 16FT
Height: 8FT
Armor: 3 Inch Kinetic Plating Covering Cabin, Four Inch Everywhere Else, 2 Inch Shatter-Proof Plexiglas with 30% Tint, Run Flat Tire System
Shields: [Yes] Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier Field
Engine: V12 Super/Turbo Charged Liquid/Air Cooled Diesel  Internal Combustion Engine: 1,050HP, 340LBS of Torque, Four Wheel Drive

-- Single Top mounted 360 Degree Rotational Turrent System
--- Triple Barrel 8MM MAG Rapid Fire Anti Infantry System [40 RPS]
--- Single Barrel 40MM Anti Vehicle System [.92RPS]
--150 Watt LED Spot Light System
-- Brush Guard

Cargo Compacity:
One Driver
Three Passengers Inside Cabin
One Turrent Gunner
Rear Bed Area for Storage, 1 Ton Compacity, OR 4-6 extra Passengers. 
Hitch For Extra Carrying Capabilities

 The 'Rhino-3  Infantry Support/Transport Vehicle' is the main transportation unit in the Empire's military.  Driven by 2 people the Rhino, is a highly advance transport vehicle able to seat up to 18 men. This thing can take a hell of damage, even small missile fire. It is clocked for about 90MPH tops, and can plow, run through, and even run over anything. It has a single Turrent mounted and 6 positions for troops inside to fire on those outside. This vehicle is used highly for transporting people to the battlefield and also getting wounded and dead out.

Top Speed: 90MPH
Weight: 3.2 Tons
Length: 33FT
Armor: Six inches of Kinetic Plating,  One inch of Titanium Carbide
Shields: [Yes] Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier, EMRIS V.2 [Grade 2]
Engines: Dual Rapid Internal Combustion V14 Supercharged Engine, 1,300 Horse Power, 400 LBS of Torque

-- Single Turrent 8MM MAG Turrent System [30RPS]
-- Single UAD [Unmanned Arial Drone] Port
-- Six Internal Firing Positions
-- Multi-Visual Assessment Optics

Cargo Compacity:
Two Drivers
Up to Eighteen Passenger Seats

The 'LIGHT ANTI-AIR HOVER TANK' or 'LAHT' (la-hat) is a very neccesary peice of tax work. This tank allows anti-air to be more mobile as well as more effective. It combines the 2 really to make an effective machine. This has a very good accuracy rate as well. It is able to have a rate of fire of 30 Rounds a minute becuase of the 'Auto-fire system'. It allows the gun to fire itself and reload itself saving time. This tank can run at about 80MPH so it can cover alot of ground in just minutes, and up of a large coverage area, acting as our Main AA Battery.

Top Speed: 80MPH
Weight: 2.9 Tons
Length: 25FT
Height: 13FT [17FT Hovering]
Armor: 4 Inches of Kinetic Plating, Two Inches of Titanium Carbide
Shields: [Yes] Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier Field System
Engines: Eight Mass Effect Propulsion Systems

-- One Single Barrel 100MM Anti-Air Missile Silo System
-- One Double Barreled AA/I [Air/Infantry] 7MM MAG Turrent System [40RPS]

Cargo Compacity:
One Drive
One Weapons Operator 

 The 'IMMORTAL'. This tank is the prince of ground fire power, 2nd only to the Reaper. This will rip, tear, destory, and anihalate anything in its path. It has been said to scare people out of their tanks before they even shot. This has the power to run up to 70MPH so it will go anywhere in the matter of minutes. It's highly dense armour allows it to take maximum amount of puishment before a missle can even think of penitrating it. It fires a 120mm MAC Slug, the small slug the cost of having dense armor, and fast movement.

Top Speed:
Shields: []


Cargo Compacity:

"REAPERS". Need we say more? This is the largest Ground Based weapon ever devised in the Empire. It takes on the Role of MultiRole Tank. It carries 2 70mm MAG Anti-Air Guns, a 50. Cal automatic Turrent on the top, Ramming claws, a 10ft 160mm Minature MAC Fitted Gun, and can carry a load of 4 Troops + 2 for Driver and Gun operator. On the outside it can host 8 men on the side rails and one turrenter. The tank can reach speeds of 60mph. Its not as fast as the Immortal, but comes in a way bigger package. This tank will blow literaly anything in its way, out of its way. Enough said.

HMAV (Him-Av) [Heavy Mobile Artilery Vehical] brings alot of fire power to the battle field. Able to hit a target at a maximum distance of 5 miles, these things kill before you even see them.  They fire a MAC shell called  Apex round, which has a devistating effect even before it reaches the ground. It acts like a large missile, and when it reaches 4ft. off the ground, it detonates sending smoldering metal fragments out at nearby enemies, and then the outer shell is taken out revealing a small Warhead that has enough power to level about 2/5's of a city block on impact. HMAV can reach a speed of 75mph.

The "Spartan Mobile Missile Assualt Vehical" or sometimes reffered to as SMMAV for short. The SMMAV is main choice when it comes to mobile Ground - Ground, Ground - Air Missile Vehicle. It is uncomparable with all others. It is able to host all of the Ereban Military Surface-Air, and Surface-Surface Missiles. This is as well the 2nd choice for Anti-Air combat, and the 1st choice for High Speed, High Altitude Targets, such as Jets, for it is the only mobile missile luancher availible. It has a top speed of 75mph and will tread threw any terrain nessicary to get to it's target. If has a targeting range of 20 miles. It is a fine piece of tax work.


Air Corps:

 Nexus Drop Ships are one of the most important ships in the Ereban Military. They allow the transportation of troops from the Star Navy, direclty to the battle down on the planet below, or from one place on the planet to another. These are fast moving ships at about 300MPH, so they are hard to hit targets at low altitudes. They can carry a maximum load of 6 Tons, or 2 Reaper Tanks for instance. They also can carry 50 Fully Armed and ready troops to the front of the battle as well. They are armed with 2 60mm MAG Turrents in the front, and 2 Missile Silo's on either wing, able to hold 4 missles per silo. These ships bring a new meaning to "Bringing Death to the front of the battle".

 The 'HELLIEN' is the Helicopter Varient in the Empire. Versions before it were Jet Heli Hybrid Varients that allowed high end speeds, but once the Talon Jet came out, the Empire desided that it was no longer needed to be a Jet Heli Hybrid. It still carries its very large service record, and features. These things are highly dangerous to enemies bellow. They will fly up to 300mph. They are not only fast, and can do alot of damage, they operate on a new stealth system which obsorbs sound, heat, and radar transmissions. They are armed with 1 50mm MAG Turrent under the Cockpit, and can hol up to 6 Missiles on each side arm. This is top of the line.

The A-20 Strike Falcon. The only Jet Varient in the Air Corps, the A-20 is primarly a Bomber. It can reach speeds up to Mach 2.7, and can carry 5 tons of bombs. It is a Steath Jet, carrying the very latest in Anti-Radar Equipment. It is also equiped with 2 70mm MAG Turrents. It is a Inner-Atmospheric Ship Only, meaning it can not leave the planet's atmosphere.

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