Imperial Navy: The Larger Branch, the Imperial Navy has 3 Sub Branches, Incharge of each key points of Combat. It is lead by Lord Grievons 
The Imperial Star Navy: Incharge of all space conducted missions, flights, transports, and battles. Also given the task of transporting all ground forces, sea navy forces, and Air forces to the planet. Its lead by High Admiral Cravask.
The Imperial Air Force: Incharge of all Air Operations, including bombing, escorting, dog fighting, and protecting. As well they are incharge of transporting Troops from the Space Fleet to the ground. Its lead by General Flimins.
The Imperial Sea Navy: Incharge of all water based missions, and transportation of troops from place to place without using Air, or Space traveling methods. Its lead by High Admiral Viers.


T.A.C. Ops. [Tactical Assault Combat Operatives] These are the counter terrorism teams of the Ereban Empire. These men work in small groups from 4 men at a time. They are fast, listen to orders exactly, and get the job done, no matter what the cost. They act like they have no heart or soul and that the only thing that matters is the mission. They are mostly deployed behind enemy lines during times of war, in an act to sabotage the enemy. As well, during times of war, they are used for assassinations, infiltration, Op based missions, and as said before, sabotage.

Imperial Air Force:

Ereban Pilots are some of the most skilled flyers in the Galaxy. Extensive Military Simulation and Live Fire exercises makes them some of the best. They can fly like hell, and they can make it rain. To this day, theHAWX Squadron is the best o the best when it comes to all purpose flyers. The pilot show is what they all look like basically. No special attachments for space flights or anything. The Helmet provides oxygen at high altitudes and space flight. It also allows the pilot to keep his/her head straight forward on the action because of the HUD [Heads Up Display] built in the face mask makes it so the pilot doesn't have to look down a screen to see what his status is, he can just look straight forward to see it all. It is attacked with a TeraNet communications array so no radio hacking can be made when the enemy tries to listen in. The helmet provides a special ballistics material where it can stabilize and always maintain a Zero G area around the head. This is accomplished by turning Mass into a special anti Grav Complex, in which this method is classified. The effect is great, for now the Pilots can take hair pin turns, and not black out since the Zero G field effects the area on how Gravity effects it (Long Complicated Process). Ereban Pilots can fly threw almost anything, and can fly amost anything. When you want to make it rain, they'll make it flood.


The Talon is by far the best Inner-atmosphere-Exospheric Hybrid High Speed Vehicle the Ereban Military has. It has an outstanding service record, and with our highly trained pilots, we can make this jet dance. It is the only Jet that can fly both Interplanetary, and Space areas. It can fly up to speeds of Mach 3.7, and still be able to carry a 4 ton load, not including 80mm MAG Turrent Ammo. The ship has the latest anti radar tech, along with jamming systems. This ship allows us to also dominate the skies seeing it as a multi role.  

Top Speed: Mach 3.7 (2,841.6 MPH)
Weight: 7.2 Tons (14,400lbs)
Wing Span: 96ft
Length: 124ft
Ceiling: N/A
Height: 12ft
Armor: Inch Thick Titanium Grade 38 Plasma Weave, w/ Half Inch Under Layer of Nano Ti Carbide
Shields: [Yes] Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier Field Generation System, EMRIS V.2 [Grade 2]
Engines: Mass Effect Field Propulsion and Ignition Drives

--80MM MAG Close-Combat Effectiveness Turrent
--Four Ton Bomb Compacity, Allowing for Air-Air/Surface Missiles to be stored
--Plasma-Tipped Wing Spans, encase of Emergency Close Range Encounters

Cargo Compacity:
One Pilot

 The 'HARBINGER' is an Atmospheric base of operations. It floats in the sky working as a base that can go anywhere at any time. It can store 125 Aerospace vehicles and 100 ground vehicles at one time. This machine is a very uslful tool in war. Every fleet in the Ereban empire has atleast 20. These allow war to be brought to anyone at any given time.

Top Speed: Mach 4 (3072 MPH) 
Weight: About 12 Tons
Wing Span: N/A
Length: 220 Yards
Ceiling: N/A
Height: 85 Yards
Armor: Foot Nano/Plasma Weave Titanium 7-38 Grade Armor, w/ Six inches Under layer Titanium Ion 89 Barrier 
Shields: Mass Effect Kinetic Barrier Field Generation System, EMRIS V.2 [Grade 3]
Engines: Four Mass Effect Propulsion Drives; Two Back Up Ignition Drives 

-- Eight AA Particle Cannon Systems
-- Ten 80mm MAG Turrents
-- Six Universal Missile Silos
-- Five Air-Surface Grade Ion Cannons
-- Two 200mm MAC Guns

Cargo Compacity:
Five Hundred Units (Troops)
Two Hundred Crew
One Hundred Aerospace Vehicles
One Hundred Ground Based Vehicles 

 The "VALKINS". The fastest, most brutal exospheric ship we have. These ships play the role of space fighter, and small arms bomber. The ship has a speed capibility of Mach 5.4. It uses a standerd 80mm MAG Turrnet gun able to produce a fire of about 30 bullets a second. As well, the gun can carry a load of up to 1 ton just for bullets alone. It is mounted with 2 Doulbe Barreled Turrents. One on the rear, and on under the Cockpit. This ship is flown by 2 people, as you can tell. The front piolet is in charge of flying, and the front turrent. The rear piolet is in charge of weapons, and the rear turrent. As well, he is able to keep maitmence on the ship. In addition to the turrents, the ship can also uses Cumbustion Plasma Bombs, the same the RAZOR V2 uses. Though, the bombs are smaller, and more fit to use on Dog fighting rather then bombing.

Top Speed: Infinate Speeds, However, Unlikely to go past Mach 4.
Weight: Weightless in Space, 7 Ton In Orbit
Wing Span: 112ft
Length: 130ft
Ceiling: N/A
Height: 16ft
Armor: Inch Thick Titanium Grade 38 Plasma Weave, w/ Half Inch Under Layer of Nano Ti Carbide
Shields: MEK Barrier Systems w/ EMRIS Type: 2 Generator
Engines: Two Plasma Arc Propulsion Systems w/ Mass Effect Cores For Space Travel

-- Single 100MM MAC Medium-Range Effectiveness Turrent
-- Rear Mounted Dual Mounted 50MM MAG Close-Combat Effectiveness Turrent
-- One Ton Caro/Bomb Compacity

Cargo Compacity:
One Pilot
One Weapons Operator

 The 'RAZOR' V2. They got their name from they're design, and the fact that they cut ships open with bombardments. As you can tell from that, these ships have the role of Space Bombers. These ships have special storage compasitors allowing them to have an infanate amount of bombs to play with. They use special space cumbustion plasma bombs. They can also be equipted with normal bombs to, such as the devistating Barien Missile. These have alot of ''fire power', but they have to leave the fighting up to the Valkins.

Imperial Star Navy:

The Imperial Star Navy is one of the most fearsome in the Galaxy. There are 6 Fleets in the Star Navy, and 6,000 Ships ready to destroy all who pose as enemies or threats. They carry the very latest tecchnology and weapons to make sure the job gets done no matter the cost. Below is the Organization of the fleets:

-Ereban Star Navy [6,000 Ships]

-- 1st Fleet: The Vectarian Defense Fleet [1500 Ships]
--- Vectrus Imperial Defense Force [900 Ships]
--- Nextrus Imperial Assault Fleet [500 Ships]
--- Vectarian System Rim Fleet [100 Ships]

-- 2nd Fleet: The Juristic Fleet [1000 Ships]
--- Galien Defence Force [550 Ships]
--- The Fist of Ruajlac (Assault Fleet) [280 Ships]
--- Outer Rim Scout Fleet [170 Ships]

--3rd Fleet: The Artilian Fleet [500 Ships]
--- The Blonchenta Defence Fleet [400 Ships]
--- The Artilian Assault Fleet [100 Ships]

--4th Fleet: The Devonic Fleet [1,000 Ships]
--- The Holy Fleet of Tribulant [500 Ships]
--- The Devonic Assault Fleet [500 Ships]

--5th Fleet: The Pilinger Fleet [1000 Ships]
--- Perablis Defense Force [700 Ships]
--- Pilinger Assault Force [300 Ships]

--6th Fleet: The Valent Fleet [1000 Ships]
--- The Layent Defensive Fleet [750 Ships]
--- Valent Assault Force [100 Ships]
--- Outer Recon Fleet [150 Ships]

Ships, Numbers, Crew Minimums/Ship, Total Crew members [18,001 Ships] [42,900,000 Crewmen Total]-

Dreadnoughts [3,751 Ships] [34,530,000 Crewmen Total]
Harbinger Dreadnought Class Ship [1 Ship] [30,000 Crew [30,000 Crewman Total]
Havex Dreanaught Class Ship [1,000 Ships] [14,000 Crew] [14,000,000 Crewmen Total]
Catrin 4 Dreanuaght Class Ship [1,250 Ships] [8,000 Crew] [10,000,000 Crewmen Total]
Verabic Dreanuaght Class Ship [1,500 Ships] [7,000 Crew] [10,500,000 Crewmen Total]

Capital Ships [3,750 Ships] [7,500,000 Crewmen Total]
Mark 6 Vevic Class Capital Ship [1,750 Ships] [2,000 Crew] [3,500,000 Crewmen Total]
GP1 Provilen Class Captial Ship [2,000 Ships] [2,000 Crew] [4,000,000 Crewmen Total]

Vector Ships [4,750 Ships] [4,025,000 Crewmen Total]
TXC Ravic Class Vector Ship [2,500 Ships] [800 Crew] [2,000,000 Crewman Total]
Galient Vector Class Ship [2,250 Ships] [900 Crew] [2,025,000 Crewman Total]

Frigates [5,750 Ships] [2,875,000 Crewmen Total]
Tribunt Class Frigate Ship [3,000 Ships] [500 Crew] [1,500,000 Crewman Total]
Fligarean Friget Class Ship [2,750 Ships] [500 Crew] [1,375,000 Crewmen Total]

Dreadnought Class: 

The power houses of the Ereban Fleets, Dreadnoughts are the most fearsome, largest, and most powerful ships in the fleets. They are the only class that are able to posses a ship to carry a KioMAC, the Mauler, and the Titan guns in it's hull and still beable to operate. They are the moral boosters for all wars, and should never be underestimated. 

Harbinger Class Dreadnought 

The Largest Profiled Design in Ereban History, The Harbinger Class Dreadnought is something that Other Fleets should take notice of. The Ship houses massive Offensive weapons, capable of tearing threw the barriers of some of the most renowned ships know the the Multiverse, with just a single shot. Its defenses could hold off a direct impact from the Particle Cannon from the Demagan Prized Ship, The Spirit of Ruin. There is to be noted only a few models of these, since they are very consuming of our resources. The ship also houses a Massive 5 Ton Mass Effect Drive Core, which possess the ability not only to achieve FTL Speeds, but also do Mass Relay-Type Precision Jumps on its own, without the use of a Mass Relay. The ship itself's specs are below:

Height: 45KM [In Flight] 120KM [Docked]
Length: 45KM [Docked] 120KM [In Flight]
Width: 55KM

Two Titan MAC Guns
Two PAC Guns
One Prototype Element Zero Particle Cannon [EZO Gun]
100 Full Sized Missile Silos
500 Universal Missile Silos
5,000 GUARDIAN Defense Turrents:
--100mm MAG Turrents
--200mm MAC Turrents
--Ion Cannons
--Plasma Arcs
--Liquid Nitrogen Projection Systems

-- Over Layer: Nano Kinetic Plating [8ft Thick] 
-- Top Layer: Plasma Weaved Titanium Grade 38/7 Armor [1/3 KM Thick]
-- Mid Layer: Gold Plated Lead Armor Layer [12ft Thick]
-- Under Layer: Titanium Ion 89 [1/5 KM Thick]
Shield Systems:
-- Mass Effect Field Generation (Kinetic Barrier) System [Main System]
-- EMRIS Type 4 System [Back Up]

Crew: 30,000
Soldiers (Non-Crew): 100,000
-- 15,000 Fighters
-- 15,000 Bombers
-- 25,000 Armor Vehicles
-- 25,000 Personnel Vehicles
-- 5 HARBINGER Mobile Arial Command Centers
-- Has The Ability To Store Two Frigate Class, or One Vector, Capital, or Dreadnought Class in It's Massive Cargo Hold For Repairs

The Havex Dreadnought Class Ship. The Largest ship in the Ereban fleet, only 100 exist. It's massive size includes 20km Long, 6km wide, and 2km tall. It's armament includes 3 KiloMAC Batteries, 9 MAC Batteries, 12 PAC Batteries, Dozens of Small Vessel Attack Items, and several 100 port holes for missiles of all kinds. It's shields include a fully operational EMRIS II Shield, and a Liquid Nano Shield. The Hull is made up of thick Ionized Plasma and woven titanium. The hull is .5km Thick, withstanding alot of damage. The engines the ship uses are a Delkin Class Hyper propulsion System. Very large, very powerful. They use an antimatter, plasma propulsion system that allows them to travel around Mach 9. Its morely a Fighter, then a carrier.

The Catrin 4 Dreanuaght Class Ship. The 1st and the 2nd largest Dreadnought in the class, the ship spans out at 12Km, 1.7km wide, and 1.3 km tall. It is the main source of troop transportation when in war. It can mass up amounts of troops to a total of 500,000 Troops. It is a powerhouse as well, being that it is only 1 of 3 Dreanuaghts that can Carry the KiloMAC Gun inside it's hull. As well, you can see large plasma and projectile turrents mounted all around the ship's outer hull. There are many more smaller turrents as well. The Ship contains a 3.5 Megaton Shield System that can withstand Most Plasma and and all the way up too Nuclear attacks to a full 200% of damage ratings. It is the heart of the Ground Shipping runs.

The Verabic Dreanuaght Class Ship. The 3rd Largest, and 2nd most powerful ship in the Ereban Fleet. It spans out at 10km long, 2 km long, and 4km tall. It is the true source of Domination in a battle. It contains not only a KiloMAC Gun, 8 MAC Turrents, 2 PAC Guns (Miniature MAC Guns.),  and several 100 more offensive and defensive tributaries. It has a full version of the EMRIS II shield, and a liquid nano shield under that. It was the most expensive Ship to make in the fleet, and carries the Nick Name of the "Tredric Bas'can" (The Destroyer.) If you are to come against one of  these ships, you better hope your shields are at maximum capacity. Otherwise, your ship will literally be ripped to shreds.

Capital Class:

Capital class ships are the Roundhouse, normal Class Ship in the Ereban Fleets. They are seen in almost all battles, and give hell to the enemy. They carry a good bit of fire power, but still, they are not comparable to the ships above, atleast when it comes to fire power.

 This is our Mark 6 Vevic Class Capital Ship. They are about 5KM long, 1.9KM wide, and 1.3 KM High. These ships contain 2 'MACGUN', except we modded it a bit by adding Partical acceleration technology, so now it can fire devastating rounds, and these cannons can rip through practically anything that you can think of now. as well, they are equipped with Mass Inhibitor Matrix's, enabling even more devastating and accurate blows. They Carry the 4 Harbinger Mobile Areial Command Centers.

 The GP1 Provilen Class Captial Ship. These things are about the same size as the Flag Ships, probably only about 1 Km in difference. These thing also carry a 'MACGUN' and alot of other fire-power. These have almost the same capacity for troops, armor, and flyers as the Dreadnoughts. They compare in most ways, but the Capital Ship has its pros and cons. They are able to maneuver more quickly, and host themselves to a good bit of fire power. They act as the Defensive Measures to the Fleets. They also have heavy shielding. But the problem is, they host a less amount of garrison, and they also do not have as much fire power has the Dreadnoughts. But all together, they are still one hell of a ship.

Vector Class: 

Vector Class ships are a standard size War Ship. They carry some of the latest tech, and use it to the best of their ability. Vector's are the ships that balance firepower, with mobility. Defense, with offence. You get the point.

The TXC Ravic Class Vector Ship. The Ravic has long been in service with them Empire. It Features some of the best Qualities a Vector Class Ship can have, such as A hypersteller core 3 engine, K-6 Plasma Turrents, and 100 Cal. Mini MAC Turrents. It is able to plow threw enemy lines and decimate the fleet from the inside. It carries a Demagan Made CV3 Shield Generator System, allowing it to take a severe amount of damage before they are taken out (roughly 2.6 Mega Tons.). This ship is mainly used for Fleet Support, and for Large Scale Infiltrations. They as well, are the fleet's troop deploying system. They carry the most loads of troops, and once a planetary landing zone is secured, they will make touch down, empty off their troop reserves, and come back to the fight above, if there still is one.

The Galient Vector Class Ship. The only Vector Ship to be equipped with a MAC gun, located at the bottom of the ship. This ship is directly used for fire support. It is one of the faster ships in the Ereban Fleets, and is able to move into the thicket of the enemy and reak havoc with the MAC gun. It doesn't contain many more defenses and Offences, due to the ship had been taken up mostly by the MAC, although it is able to carry an adequate amount of the Fleet's Personal Fliers. It may seems small, but it is a powerhouse by itself.

Frigate Class: 

Frigates are the Sneaky bastard ships that everyone likes, and hates at the same. They are able to provide, support, and destroy, all in a single tinny, fast ass package. Frigates are used in some fleets, but Ereban Fleets find them great assets that can win wars.

The Tribunt Class Frigate. The Tribunt Class Frigate is based as the "Armor Carrier" for the Fleets. It can carry heavy loads of Vehicle to the front lines, approximately 1,000 Tons. Its lower docking bay is able to hold up to 500 Immortal Tanks, ans still have space to hold a few lines for other vehicles as well. Its nicked named Rolling Thunder, for its power to bring in lots and lots of it. It has the usual Frigate Defenses [Relay Turrents, 100 Cal Turrents, and Plasma Bolt Turrents, as well as a High Powered TVX Shield Generator System.] and Offences [150.6 Minature MAC Gun.], nothing really special.

 The Fligarean Frigate Class Ship. This ship doesn't store as much as the Capital's or the Flag ships, but they still pack a punch here and there. They are good for getting around enemy capitals and wreak havoc, as well they provide alot of cover for important vessels and other things. They are probably only 1KM long, .5KM wide, and .2KM tall. They store PVOC Miniature MAC Gun Systems, and have Large Doc 3 Shield Generating System. Their roles are simple. Cut threw enemy lines and direct fire. Don't under estimate these things though, they will rip through your lines like a hot knife through butter.

Small Carriers:

The Maric Infiltration and Recon Vessel. One of a kind, the Maric is the only ship that is undetectible by any radar. The only way to get a hint of the ships presence is if you see it flying with your naked eyes. This ship is mainly used in TAC Ops and Black Cell Operations. Other then that, it preforms as a Recon Vessel, used to gain info on certain things, people, nations, ect. There is little that is known about this ship, seeing that it wishes to remain a secret. The only information the Military will allow us to broadcast is it's top speed of Mach 4, and Slipspace Stream Capable. As well, it can host a a crew of 14. 

Defensive/Stationary Class: 

The 'FRAY' is the largest gun we have in our military. It is a mobile defense Titan Gun platform, only used for the defenses of Ereban Owned Planets due to that it doesn't have a Hyper Drive Core in it. A KiloMAC Platform is a large MAC gun atleast twice the size of normal. It will decimate most shielding protection. The Barrel is .73 Kilometers long. It is about 79 yards wide as well. The shell fired is just alittle below that. It takes 30 seconds to load a new shell. The gun can fire and hit targets well over a range of 2,000,000KM and hit within a radius of 500 Meters. The Shell used is a special APEX round that can be fired over vast distances and still stay intact. The Shell has a special launching drive that makes it act almost like a missile instead of a shell. The shell is propulsed threw the barrel, and when it gets out, the pressure difference is noticed, and the trigger is engaged so that the Hyper Drive in the rear of the shell kick in. That propels it to Light Speed, and can hit a target at 2,000,000km in just around 2 seconds. This platform is a very devastating thing to come up against. Just 2 of these could wipe out half a fleet in less then 2 minutes before the fleet even reaches firing range. Other weapons and defenses on it include: Barien Missile Pods to launch Barien Missiles at targets within 2,000KM, and defense turrents all around the ship.

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