The Pilinger Warhead

A Heavy, 100% Kill Ratio Biological-Chemical Warhead System. This bomb is a Level 5 Hazard, that once Unleashed, will call for instant Bio-Hazard and Chemical-Hazard Protocols to prevent Spread. This Warhead contains the following Chemical and Biological Contents that will Cause Immediate, or Near Immediate death in all Humans exposed, however, other races were not experimented with the compounds:

*Cyanogen Chloride - An extremely toxic chemical compound with the formula CNCl. This linear, triatomic pseudohalogen is an easily condensed colorless gas. More commonly encountered in the laboratory is the related compound cyanogen bromide, a room temperature solid, and is widely used in biochemical analysis and preparation. It is also noted that it can penetrate even the thickest air filters and gas masks, and should be handled with much care.

*Anthrax - An acute disease caused by Bacillus anthracis. It affects both humans and animals. Most forms of the disease are highly lethal, and once exposed, Death is most likely without treatment. With treatment, exposed body parts could be lost.

*Plague - A deadly infectious disease caused by the enterobacteria Yersinia pestis (Pasteurella pestis). Plague is a zoonotic, primarily carried by rodents and spread to humans via fleas. Plague is notorious throughout history, due to the unrivaled scale of death and devastation it brought.

*Novichok - A series of nerve agents that were developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s and allegedly the most deadly nerve agents ever made, with some variants possibly five to eight times more potent than VX nerve gas. Initially designated K-84 and later renamed A-230. The Novichok family of analogs comprises more than a hundred structural variants. Of all the variants the most promising, from a military standpoint, was A-232 (Novichok-5).

* = Registered Compounds within Legal Lemits of Use if used under Protocal

All these Agents Combined into the Missile Warhead, but kept separate until detonation, will cause Death on a Planetary scale.

Any and All humans that come into contact with these agents will die within a 2 minute period, if not instantly. The Warhead's main workings go by quickly. The missile can be launched from any Station, whether it be ground, or from a Space Fleet. The missiles have Radar Consuming Technology, making them near undetectable. They missile runs are .4 Light Speed, just under Warp Speed, making it a very hard target to hit. The area just under detonation has 1 minute before the area is saturated and they become the 1st victims.

Infection Detonation Altitude Scale:
Local IDA: 30 Miles
Regional IDA: 50 Miles
Planetary IDA: 100 Miles

Bio-Toxin Spread Per Hour
Local IDA: 20 Square Miles per Hour
Regional IDA: 60 Square Miles Per Hour
Planetary IDA: 120 Square Miles Per Hour


Stage Zero: By Law, Ereban is required to give an advancement notice to the launch of this missile by atleast 1 hour. Missile is prepped with the necessary items, and warhead is placed in missile.

Stage One: Missile is Released from Silo. Depending on from where it's launched, Space Silo in Orbit, or Ground Based Silo, The missile will be preprogrammed with Designated Coordinates, and is able to hit a 4 Meter Radius of the Actual target. 

Stage Two (Space Silo Launch): Missile enters orbit over designated Target, then reach optimal altitude to detonate the 1st Stage of the Warhead.

Stage Two (Ground Silo Launch): Missile Enters the planet's high Atmosphere, and proceeds to designated coordinates. However, missile has a higher risk being shot down when fired from a Ground Silo.

Stage Three: Missile Detonates its 1st Warhead Level, releasing Toxin 4. (On the List above.) The missile lowers by 1,000 Feet, before Releasing The 2nd Warhead Level.

Stage Four: Second Warhead Level is Detonated, releasing Toxins 2 and 3. The missile proceeds 300ft More before Releasing its Final Warhead level.

Stage Five: Third and Final Warhead Level is Detonated, releasing Toxin 1. The Missile then activates a Impulse device, releasing a massive E1 Type EMP, disabling anything Electronic within a 480-980 Mile Radius depending on IDA.

Aftereffects of the Missile:

1 Hour: The Local Area is completely dead of all life. Bodies begin to rapidly decompose.

12 Hours: Chemicals still in the Air absorb into the Water Molecules in Clouds, creating a very toxic and lethal version of Acid Rain. Within the Next 12 Hours, it will rain down, and begin to erode away anything left behind. As well, it will absorb into the ground, killing off any and all plant life. Any living creature will suffer a painful death as it's skin singes off.

Hour 24: The Acid Rain has spread across 500 Square Miles, destroying Cities, landmarks, and buildings. Any and all life that has survived, but hasn't moved out of the Area is wiped out, including plant life.

Hour 48: The Entire region is infected by the Deadly Bio-Hazards that have traveled threw Rodents by hiding on everyday transportation systems, followed by the Acid rain that has spread into the Regional Air Currents, absorbing into the Water Molecules in the Air. More Acid rain accumulates, destroying anything in it's path.

Week 1: The entire planet faces extreme Climate Change from the Acid Rain, which has rapidly spread threwout the planet Via Airways. Acid rain over any water source has instantly contaminated it, and any life in the water is killed. Oceans face extreme contamination. The Bio-hazards have spread worldwide threw the Plague, infecting a large portion of the population, and animals. The Kill Rate is nearly 95%, not including the Chemical Hazards.

Month 1: The Entire Planet has collapsed. 90% of All life has been wiped out. Its nearly inhabitable from the Acid Rain. No water is drinkable. Climate change has made the planet Very Hot, and lightning storms are frequent alteast twice a day for lasting an hour-3 hours. Cities, Towns, and other places of populace have been eroded away almost completely. 

Year 1: The planet is uninhabitable. Any life seizes to exist. Acid rain is common once a day, along with constant lightning storms. The Atmosphere has deteriorated a large bit, leaving radiation a very heavy risk factor. Meteorite showers that impact the surface are now common. 

NOTE: This test was to resemble what would happen if the missile was used on a Planetary Scale, on an Earth Like Planet. Other planets, such as Mono-Climate Planets, are unknown to the reactions. And also, it would take Several Missiles, not one, to cause a Planetary Failure in Climate, and Habitability.

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