Basic Overview of Ereban Armor Layers.

The current Armor Program is called "Advanced Nano And Genetic Altering Technology", or ANAGAT, or sometimes referred to as Nano Tech as well. This is a joint EMAC and JAM Inc operation that is worth over 500,000,000,000 credits and rupies. It combines the power of Nano Technology discovered at 2026 (Galactic Standard. 2143EC), and has been put threw several advanced stages. This will be the most advanced yet. It puts Advanced Cybernetics, Advanced Nano T30 Fibernetics, Nano Armor Plate, and Kevlar Plate, Liquid Nano, and Advance Genetic Altering Systems. 

So far, the latest Nano Model is the TechV 4.3.* Armor System. The Armor systems do not look like much, but it has taken ALOT of time, effort, money, and work to put together this revolutionary product. We have managed to conduct what we call Inner Laced Nano Wear Systems, or The ILNW System. This allows us to literally make cotton fiber thread out of Nantes, which allows us to basically sue together an entire suit in just minutes. As well, a under suit of Liquid Nantes provides an extra layer of protection. Another armor part is Nano-Plate, which is a plate of Titanium Encased Nantes that are molded together to provide extra protection to certain parts on the wearers body.

As well, the suits are air tight, and seal preventing any and all biological and chemical attacks to be made against the wearer. Kevlar padding to joints are as well featured on most models of the suit. This armor sub-branches off into different models to suit different needs. Here is the basic qualities of every suit:

Basic Overview:
Weight: Roughly 12-120lbs according to variant and height.
Height: Minimum of 5'4"-Max of 7'3"
Power Source: Bodies Electrical Currents/Brain Stem/Friction Plate Systems
Price Per Unit: 220,000-1,000,000 Credits
Intelligence Programming (Nanete Programs): Version 10.9.9 (Most up to date Programming. Updated every week With TeraNet Connection) (AI Controlled)
System HUD: Displays Gun Info (With EMAC/JAM Inc. Weapon Systems Only), FFI Systems, Night vision, Thermal Vision, Motion [Vibrio] Vision, Electro Magnetic Field Vision, Motion Sensory Radars, Radiation Sensors, Suit Schematics, Wearer Schematics, Team Schematics, Mission Objective Box, COM Channel Info, And Pop-Up Camera Communications Box.
Current Versions: 4.3.1-4.3.9
Versions available to Non-Ereban Buyers: 4.1.1 (Allies: 4.2.1)
Designer: EMAC/EMC Laboratories and Test Simulations

Other Features:
Climate Controlled Inner Suit Atmosphere (57oF, 5% Humidity [Adjustable]); System Check Up Scan (Every .02 Seconds); TeraNet Connection, Bands 20-45 at 50-100 Tera bytes Per Second; COM Systems 1-99, At High Reslolution Input-Output, 200.1-300.1 Mega Hertz Military Frequency Channels, WCS-Grade A Encrypted; 2050I HUD Resolution; Independent IP Systems, Change and refresh every 5 minutes; AI Smart Nano Programs; Personal AI Suit Attendants (Non-Independant AI's)

From tactical to assault, from CQB to Sniper, and everything in between. Here are the lists below of Armor systems in Use by the Ereban Military Today:

TechV 4.3.1 Nano Tech Armor System 

TechV 4.3.2 Nano Tech Armor System

TechV 4.3.3 Nano Tech Armor System

TechV 4.3.4 Nano Tech Armor System 

TechV 4.3.5 Nano Tech Armor System 

TechV 4.3.6 Nano Tech Armor System

TechV 4.3.7 Nano Tech Armor System 

TechV 4.3.8 Nano Tech Armor System 

TechV 4.3.9 Nano Tech Armor System 

Tech6 6.9.9 Nano Tech Armor System 

ARS System 

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